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27th German Cancer Congress Berlin 2006

German Cancer Society (Frankfurt/M.)

22. - 26.03.2006, Berlin

Breast Cancer (Surgery and Radiotherapy)

Meeting Abstract (OP001)

Micrometastatic tumor cells in bone marrow: side by side comparison of immunocytology and molecular multigene detection by RT-PCR

Kaul S, Fersis N, Zieglschmid V, Böcher O, Bastert G
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Meeting Abstract (OP002)

Disseminated Tumour Cells (DC) in the Bone Marrow (BM) in Adjuvant Breast Cancer – A Frequent Event with Prognostic and Therapeutic Relevance?

Dresemann G, Gerhards R
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Meeting Abstract (OP003)

Further Improvements by Innovative Taxane-Containing Cytostatic Regimens for the Treatment of Early Breast Cancer - Evaluated by the German SUCCESS-Study

Sommer H, Beckmann MW, Lichtenegger W, Janni W, Rack B, Heinrigs M, Genss E, Söling U, Tesch H, Zahm DM, Schneider A, Friese K
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Meeting Abstract (OP004)

Stereotactic radiosurgery for multiple brain metastases from breast cancer: feasibility and outcome of a local treatment concept

Muacevic A, Wowra B, Kreth FW, Tonn JC
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Meeting Abstract (OP005)

Breast cancer in patients carrying a germ-line CHEK2 mutation: outcome after breast conserving surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy

Meyer A, Dörk T, Sohn C, Karstens JH, Bremer M
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Meeting Abstract (OP006)

33 Cases of Breast Phyllodes Tumor: A Clinical Review over the Last 20 Years

Lenhard MS, Kahlert S, Himsl I, Ditsch N, Untch M, Friese K, Bauerfeind I
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Meeting Abstract (OP007)

Influence of intraoperative ultrasound assisted surgery in stage T1 and T2 breast cancer on the reduction of reoperation rate

Marx M, Handstein S, Krumpolt M, Grunow N, Zschille U, Eger S
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Meeting Abstract (PO008)

Cytotoxicity of enantiomerically pure [1,2-diamino-1-phenyl-2-alkylethane]dichloroplatin(II) complexes on different cancer cell lines

Dullin A
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Meeting Abstract (PO009)

Postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy in breast cancer patients with 1-3 positive axillary lymph nodes: is there a role for periclavicular lymph node irradiation (PLNI)?

Bremer M, Samii A, Meyer A, Karstens JH
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Meeting Abstract (PO010)

Causes of locoregional pain after the treatment for a primary breast cancer

Bani M, Bani H, Eder I, Engel J, Allali F, Breuel C, Beckmann MW, Fasching PA
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Meeting Abstract (PO011)

Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) in breast cancer with electrons – the mobile linear accelerator Novac7 under practical, dosimetric and radiation protection points of view

Piroth MD, Heindrichs U, Piroth DM, Asadpour B, Schmachtenberg A, Eble MJ
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Meeting Abstract (PO012)

Subgroup analysis of 101 inflammatory breast cancer patients treated within a prospective randomized trial of dose dense sequential versus standard anthracycline- and taxane- based primary chemotherapy (multicentre study of the AGO)

Ditsch N, Bauerfeind I, Kahlert S, Lenhard M, Himsl I, Friese K, Untch M
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Meeting Abstract (PO013)

Influence of Mammographic Density on the Diagnostic Accuracy of Tumor Size Assessment and Association with Breast Cancer Tumor Characteristics

Heusinger K, Löhberg C, Löhberg C, Wenkel E, Bani MR, Lux MP, Schrauder M, Koscheck T, Bautz W, Schulz-Wendtland R, Beckmann MW, Fasching PA
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Meeting Abstract (PO014)

Patient’s attitudes concerning reconstructive and aesthetic operations in breast cancer treatment

Bani MR, Eder I, Bani H, Lux MP, Engel J, Allali F, Breuel C, Beckmann MW, Fasching PA
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Meeting Abstract (PO015)

Exposure of breast cancer cells to electromagnetic fields differentially alters gene expression of estrogen receptor cofactors

Girgert R, Grünker C, Emons G, Hanf V
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Meeting Abstract (PO016)

Inhibition of TKTL1-Transketolase Offers New Therapeutic Strategies For Cancer Patients with Invasive Tumors or Metastases

Coy JF, Langbein S, Langbein S, Steidler A, Grobholz R, Willeke F, Stickeler E, Gitsch G, Stassi G, Zerilli M, Földi M, zur Hausen A, Staiger W, Lukan N, Popa J, Steidler A, Grobholz R, Willeke F, Stickeler E, Gitsch G, Stassi G
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Meeting Abstract (PO017)

Breast cancer in young women: Outcome of the disease with and without pregnancy association

Schöndorf-Holland E, Horlacher A, Sinn P, Sohn C
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Meeting Abstract (PO018)

Fast diagnosis of breast lesions – comparison of histological rapid embedded core-cut biopsies (CCB) to final histology from open excisions and cytological analysis of rinsed CCB-needles by ThinPrep

Rensing K, Laarveld R, Lellé R
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Meeting Abstract (PO019)

Is the axillary lymphonodectomy and therefore the sentinel technique redundant? Arguments against axillary lymph node dissection (ALND) for breast cancer

Engel J, Hölzel D
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Meeting Abstract (PO020)

Atypical papilloma of the breast are at high risk for invasive carcinoma

Hauser N, Kreienberg R, Heilmann V
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Meeting Abstract (PO021)

Mammotome® Vacuumbiopsy: A comparison between the 8G and 11G needle

Hahn M, Okamgba S, Scheler P, Freidel K, Gall C, Krainick-Strobel U, Hoffmann G, Wallwiener D
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Meeting Abstract (PO022)

Identifikation des Sentinel-Lymphknoten durch Cortex/Größen-Index

Düran A, Bühner M, Volkholz H, Lex B, Russu V, Tulusan AH
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