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60th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Neuropathology and Neuroanatomy (DGNN)

German Society for Neuropathology and Neuroanatomy

26. - 28.08.2015, Berlin

Poster presentations

Meeting Abstract (15dgnnP39)

Differential roles of hypoxia and innate immune mechanisms in juvenile and adult dermatomyositis

Preusse C, Allenbach Y, Goebel HH, Pehl D, Radke J, Hoffman O, Schneider U, Alten R, Vorgerd M, von Moers A, Schoser B, Schara U, Stenzel W
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Meeting Abstract (15dgnnP40)

Camptocormia in PD: How pathomorphological findings translate to therapy

Wrede A, Schulz-Schaeffer WJ
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Meeting Abstract (15dgnnP41)

Two patients with Statin-induced necrotizing myopathy with similar histology but different clinical behaviour: a diagnostic challenge

Frydrychowicz C, Weidhase L, Merkelbach S, Müller W
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Meeting Abstract (15dgnnP42)

C5b-9 upregulation on endomysial capillaries in non-dermatomyositis cases

Braczynski A, Harter PN, Zeiner PS, Drott U, Tews DS, Preusse C, Dunst M, Goebel HH, Weis J, Stenzel W, Mittelbronn M
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