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57th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Neuropathology and Neuroanatomy (DGNN)

German Society for Neuropathology and Neuroanatomy

12. - 15.09.2012, Erlangen

Poster Presentations
Muscle and Nerve pathology

Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.1)

Hypoxia related molecular mechanisms in adult and juvenile dermatomyositis

Preuße C, Goebel HH, Schoser B, Heppner FL, Schara U, Stenzel W
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.2)

Differential analysis of protein aggregates in myofibrillar myopathies – a proteomic approach

Maerkens A, Kley R, Theis V, Vorgerd M, Müller T, Marcus K
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.3)

The Modified Procedure and its Experimental study Treating the Compartment Syndrome as well as the established Volkmmann contracture

Wang X
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.4)

LMD-assisted Comparison of Muscle Proteome in Patients with Filaminopathy and matched Controls

Theis V, Maerkens A, Kley RA, Vorgerd M, Marcus K
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.5)

“Woozy” mice are a broad phenocopy of human Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome: an electron microscopic and biochemical longitudinal study

Roos A, Buchkremer S, Goswami A, Nolte K, Senderek J, Brauers E, Weis J
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.6)

Novel INF2 mutation links the FSGS-CMT associated pathophysiology to disturbances in ER homeostasis

Roos A, Buchkremer S, Brauers E, Boor P, Senderek J, Häusler M, Weis J
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.7)

Facial nerve repair: comparison of direct repair and y-tube-conduit repair techniques

Hizay A, Ozsoy U, Demirel BM, Ozsoy O, Angelova S, Ankerne J, Bilmen Sarikcioglu S, Dunlop S, Angelov D, Sarikcioglu L
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.8)

Muscle and nerve pathology in spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress (SMARD1). Comparison of human and murine SMARD

Stoltenburg-Didinger G, Jablonka S, Kaindl A, von Au K
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.9)

Gastrointestinal dysmotility as initial symptom of RET mutation-associated MEN2B syndrome

Rolle U, Gfrörer S, Harter PN, Müller K, Mittelbronn M
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.10)

Mitochondrial degeneration in familial ATP synthetase defect

Vlaho S, Müller K, Selter M, Drott U, Harter PN, Kieslich M, Mittelbronn M
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.11)

Teaching neuromuscular structure and functions in undergraduate medical education

Gurpinar E, Alimoglu MK
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.12)

Morphological changes in muscle biopsies from patients with infantile and juvenile Pompe disease as a potential predictive marker for enzyme replacement therapy

Prölß AK, Hahn A, Mühlfeld C, von Pein H, Mengel E, Schänzer A
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.13)

Muscle biopsy: Diagnostic value and spectrum of alterations in 2836 patients

Hagel C, Pfanzelt C, Magnus T, Glatzel M, Kunze K
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.14)

Palpebral myopathology of congenital ptosis

Sarnat HB, Flores-Sarnat L, Kherani F
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.15)

Histopathological findings in Pompe disease.

Ortiz A, Ruano Calderón LA, Vargas Cañas S, Fernández Valverde F, Dumar Riaño A
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.16)

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Fernández Valverde F, Ruano Calderón LA, Sánchez García A, Kasakova E, Dumar Riaño A, Ortiz Saldaña A, Vargas Cañas S
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.17)

Molecular mechanism of plectin-mediated desmin network anchoring

Staszewska I
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Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP1.18)

Diagnosis of neurosarcoidosis by FDG PET/CT

Blumstein N, Zimmerman R, Permanetter W, Woischneck D, Heckmann J
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