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73. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
Joint Meeting mit der Griechischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

29.05. - 01.06.2022, Köln

ePoster Montag, 30.05.2022
Tumorerkrankungen der Schädelbasis/Tumour diseases of the skull base

Meeting Abstract (P060)

The impact of previous nasal surgery and pain on sino-nasal outcome and quality of life after transsphenoidal endoscopic resection of pituitary adenomas

Chmielewski WX, Walbrodt S, Kreitschmann-Andermahr I, Gembruch O, Darkwah Oppong M, Dammann P, Jabbarli R, Wrede KH, Sure U, Ahmadipour Y
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Meeting Abstract (P061)

The use of augmented reality in transsphenoidal surgery – a systematic review

Thavarajasingam SG, Vardanyan R, Arjomandi Rad A, Thavarajasingam A, Khachikyan A, Mendoza N, Nair R, Vajkoczy P
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Meeting Abstract (P062)

A simple sellar closure technique after transsphenoidal resection of pituitary adenomas in the context of risk factors for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks and meningitis

Ueberschaer M, Katzendobler S, Tonn JC, Thorsteinsdottir J, Rachinger W
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Meeting Abstract (P063)

Postoperative cerebrospinal rhinorrhoea after transsphenoidal resection of sellar pathologies – benefit of lumbar drainage

Reyes Medina B, Linsler S, Senger S, Oertel J
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Meeting Abstract (P064)

Assessment of psychological distress in patients with sellar processes

Kalasauskas D, Ernst A, Mireri S, Omran W, Wüster C, Ringel F, Conrad J
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Meeting Abstract (P065)

Technical aspects, outcomes, and complications in surgery for pituitary adenomas – endoscopic versus microscopic approaches

Höhne J, Scharf AM, Andorfer KEC, Kühnel T, Schmidt NO, Schebesch KM
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Meeting Abstract (P066)

Single-cell transcriptome analysis of gonadotroph pituitary adenoma indicates interaction between fibroblasts and tumour cells with stem cell characteristics

Potthoff E, Walter C, Albert T, Stummer W, Suero-Molina E, Kerl K
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Meeting Abstract (P067)

Surgical treatment of selected tumours via the navigated minimally invasive presigmoidal suprabulbar infralabyrinthine approach without rerouting of the facial nerve

Cinibulak Z, Al-Afif S, Nakamura M, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P068)

Morphometric analysis of the presigmoidal suprabulbar infralabyrinthine approach with neuronavigational assistance to the jugular foramen region – quantitative analysis of exposed area and surgical freedom

Cinibulak Z, Poggenborg J, Schliwa S, Manu M, Ostovar N, Nakamura M
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Meeting Abstract (P069)

Sporadic vestibular schwannomas with two somatic NF2 mutations in each – Which occurred first?

Breun M, Matthies C, Kluwe L
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Meeting Abstract (P070)

Expression of immune checkpoint markers and association with inflammatory cell infiltration in vestibular schwannomas

Behling F, Suhm E, Tabatabai G, Schittenhelm J, Tatagiba M
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Meeting Abstract (P071)

Identification of new antigens in NF2-associated vestibular schwannoma and malignant peripheral nerv sheath tumours for CAR-T cell therapy

Kugler F, Monoranu CM, Matthies C, Ernestus RI, Löhr M, Hagemann C, Dufner V, Breun M
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