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73. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
Joint Meeting mit der Griechischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

29.05. - 01.06.2022, Köln

Vorträge Montag, 30.05.2022
Kavernome und AV-Malformationen/Cavernoma and AVMs

Meeting Abstract (V012)

Multiple cerebral cavernous malformations – clinical course of confirmed, assumed and non-familial disease

Santos AN, Rauschenbach L, Saban D, Chen B, Darkwah Oppong M, Lenkeit A, Gull H, Rieß C, Jabbarli R, Wrede KH, Zhu Y, Sure U, Dammann P
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Meeting Abstract (V013)

Effects of medication intake on the risk of haemorrhage in patients with sporadic cerebral cavernous malformations

Chen B, Santos Saint Romain A, Lenkeit A, Rauschenbach L, Jabbarli R, Wrede KH, Sure U, Dammann P
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Meeting Abstract (V014)

Clinical course of cerebral cavernous malformation – a five-year single centre study

Lenga P, Walter J, Grutza M, Scherer M, Unterberg AW
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Meeting Abstract (V015)

Female hormone therapy and risk of intracranial haemorrhage from cerebral cavernous malformations – a multicentre observational cohort study

Santos AN, Zuurbier S, Flemming K, Caan M, Rinkel G, Roos Y, Sure U, Lanzino G, Dammann P
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Meeting Abstract (V016)

Deficiency of Yes – associated protein 1 (YAP) expression in brain arteriovenous malformations – impact on the angioarchitecture and therapy

Karimpour MA, Neyazi B, Stein KP, Hartmann K, Mawrin C, Dumitru CA, Sandalcioglu IE
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Meeting Abstract (V017)

Propranolol as a potentially novel treatment of arteriovenous malformations – from bench to bedside

Kashefiolasl S, Leisegang M, König S, Patel R, Kan P, Foerch C, Du Mesnil R, Seifert V, Brandes R, Prinz V, Czabanka M, Burkhardt JK, Konczalla J
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