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71. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
9. Joint Meeting mit der Japanischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

21.06. - 24.06.2020

ePoster Dienstag, 23.06.2020
Neuroonkologie – Gliome I/Neurooncology – Gliomas I

Meeting Abstract (P114)

Development of a p53-replacement therapy for gliomas

Jugel W, Broghammer F, Michen S, Temme A, Schackert G
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Meeting Abstract (P115)

A novel ex vivo expansion protocol using feeder cells for efficient production of GBM-reactive NKG2C-positive NK cell subsets

Becker A, Murad S, Michen S, Schackert G, Temme A
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Meeting Abstract (P116)

Risks and benefits of microsurgical resection of glioblastoma in older adults – a retrospective multi-centre study

Schwartz C, Ladisich B, Romagna A, Geiger P, Rechberger J, Stefanits H, Zimmermann G, Fastner G, Weiss L, Winkler PA, Thon N
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Meeting Abstract (P117)

The role of the calpain/calpastatin system in chemoresistance of glioblastoma

Bartsch JW, Stillger M, Schilling O, Nimsky C
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Meeting Abstract (P118)

Inhibition of the discoidin receptor 1 DDR1 improves efficacy of adjuvant therapy in glioblastoma

Vehlow A, Klapproth E, Hannen R, Temme A, Nimsky C, Cordes N, Bartsch JW
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Meeting Abstract (P119)

NKG2C-positive NK cells from patient blood for immunotherapy of HLA-E-positive glioma

Michen S, Murad S, Füssel M, Schackert G, Temme A
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Meeting Abstract (P120)

The expression of ALDH1A3in glioblastomas and its association with tumour oedema and overall survival

Gan C, Pierscianek D, El Hindy N, Ahmadipour Y, Sure U, Zhu Y
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Meeting Abstract (P122)

Influence of an intracellular infection with Staphylococcus aureus on growth and cytokine secretion of glioblastoma cells and human astrocytes

Grube S, Lemke C, Tuchscherr L, Ewald C, Löffler B, Kalff R, Walter J
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Meeting Abstract (P123)

Drug repurposing of meclofenamate as a potent gap junction inhibitor sensities primary glioblastoma cells for lomustine

Schneider M, Potthoff AL, Joseph K, Evert BO, Güresir E, Schuss P, Dolf A, Westhoff MA, Waha A, Schnell O, Vatter H, Heiland DH, Herrlinger U
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Meeting Abstract (P124)

High interobserver agreement in the semiquantitative classification of 5-ALA fluorescence levels in newly diagnosed glioblastomas

Mischkulnig M, Kiesel B, Borkovec M, Wadiura L, Benner D, Hosmann A, Hervey-Jumper S, Knosp E, Rössler K, Berger MS, Widhalm G
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Meeting Abstract (P125)

MicroRNAs as potential “tissue sensitisers” for the augmentation of glioblastoma immunotherapy

Erhart F, Lang A, Hackl M, Kiesel B, Mischkulnig M, Mercea PA, Spiegl-Kreinecker S, Lötsch-Gojo D, Woehrer A, Marosi C, Rössler K, Berger W, Widhalm G
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