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71. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
9. Joint Meeting mit der Japanischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

21.06. - 24.06.2020

ePoster Montag, 22.06.2020
Digitale Medizin, Ethik in der Medizin/Digital medicine, ethics in medicine

Meeting Abstract (P071)

Optimal time window for cortical mapping in awake craniotomy – a two-center study

Meskelevicius D, Schäfer A, Haddad L, Kamp MA, Mainzer B, Steiger HJ, Rapp M, Hänggi D, Singh V, Sabel M
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Meeting Abstract (P072)

Examining differences in the localisation of language function between various languages using nrTMS and subcortical pathway tractography

Börner C, Schröder A, Meyer B, Krieg S, Ille S
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Meeting Abstract (P073)

Towards automated brain tumour detection with optical coherence tomography

Strenge P, Lange B, Danicke V, Theisen-Kunde D, Grill C, Draxinger W, Huber R, Ducho E, Bonsanto MM, Handels H, Hagel C, Brinkmann R
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Meeting Abstract (P074)

“Minimally invasive” – incorrect anticipation of science or scientific term?

Aschoff A
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Meeting Abstract (P075)

Assessment of intracranial aneurysms using CFD – stability of haemodynamical parameters

Doenitz C, Wagner T, Krenkel L, Deuter D, Schmidt NO, Brawanski A
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Meeting Abstract (P076)

Fully digital 3D4k videoscopy in neurosurgery – a prospective cohort study addressing device implementation and clinical feasibility

Roethe AL, Georgiev S, Schneider UC, Misch M, Vajkoczy P, Picht T, Onken J
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Meeting Abstract (P077)

Introduction of a novel mobile electronic bar code-based documentation of blood component transfusions – a prospective pilot study

Scorzin JE, Banat M, Vatter H
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Meeting Abstract (P078)

A robot-technology for the acquisition of large-scale in vitro pharmacology-response of brain cancer

Vargas-Toscano A, Nickel AC, Hewera M, Kamp MA, Fischer I, Steiger HJ, Hänggi D, Kahlert UD
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Meeting Abstract (P079)

Clinical course after end of life decisions on a neurosurgical ward – much to learn and improve

Hautmann X, Rohde V, von der Brelie C
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Meeting Abstract (P080)

TMS language mapping revisited – analysis of 90 patients in MNI space and machine learning classification

Wang Z, Fekonja L, Dreyer F, Vajkoczy P, Picht T
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Meeting Abstract (P081)

Hemispheric asymmetry in healthy volunteers – a comparative study of diffusion kurtosis imaging and diffusion tensor imaging

Liu X, Bopp M, Carl B, Nimsky C
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