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67th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
Joint Meeting with the Korean Neurosurgical Society (KNS)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

12 - 15 June 2016, Frankfurt am Main

Vorträge Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016
MI.13 Freie Themen 9: Hirntumore

Meeting Abstract (MI.13.01)

5-ALA-induced fluorescence in cerebral metastases

Kamp MA, Rapp M, Steiger HJ, Sabel M
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Meeting Abstract (MI.13.02)

Radiogenomics: Molecular correlates of radiological tumor presentation in a cohort of low-grade and high-grade IDH-mutant glioma patients

Juratli TA, Daubner D, Zolal A, Thiede C, Schackert G, Krex D
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Meeting Abstract (MI.13.03)

Long-term follow-up after stereotactic radiosurgery of intracanalicular acoustic neurinoma

Rueß D, Pöhlmann L, Hamisch C, Treuer H, Kocher M, Ruge MI
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Meeting Abstract (MI.13.04)

Correlation of an integrated Methionine-PET/MRI and ALA-derived tissue fluorescence indicates heterogeneity in low-grade glioma: a technical innovation

Gembruch O, Schlamann M, Umutlu L, Sure U, Müller OM, El Hindy N
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Meeting Abstract (MI.13.05)

Intraoperative high-field magnetic resonance imaging and multimodal neuronavigation guided surgery for patients with low-grade temporal lobe glioma and epilepsy

Chen X, Zhao Y, Bai S, Zhang J, Yu X
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Meeting Abstract (MI.13.06)

Microglia as a therapeutical target in malignant gliomas

Markovic DS, Mersch M, Kettenmann H, Kiwit JCW
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Meeting Abstract (MI.13.07)

Mapping of brain tumor oxygen metabolism in native MRI

Dührsen L, Borchert P, Fiehler J, Westphal M, Sedlacik J, Schmidt NO
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Meeting Abstract (MI.13.08)

Structured evaluation of patients with low-grade glioma by an occupational therapist – is our clinical examination enough?

Freyschlag CF, Kerschbaumer J, Pinggera D, Thomé C
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