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65th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

11 - 14 May 2014, Dresden

Lectures Wednesday, May 14 2014
MI.09 Spinal Tumors

Meeting Abstract (MI.09.01)

The diagnostic value of MRI in prone position in spinal dysraphism

Hashemi A, Jesser J, Seitz A, Unterberg A, Bächli H
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Meeting Abstract (MI.09.02)

Functional outcome for spinal intradural tumors – a ten years experience

Schebesch KM, Müller S, Brawanski A, Proescholdt M
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Meeting Abstract (MI.09.03)

Immunhistochemical expression of VEGFR2, iNOS, PDGFR-α, EGFR and c-MET in spinal chordoma related to prognostic value

Akhavan-Sigari R, Abili M, Gaab MR, Rohde V, Ostertag H
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Meeting Abstract (MI.09.04)

Experience from 61 surgically treated spinal neurinomas

Wostrack M, Harmening K, Onken J, Ringel F, Vajkoczy P, Meyer B
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Meeting Abstract (MI.09.05)

Long-term results in neural tube defects: from childhood to grown ups

Class D, Wolko H, Kohl J, Firsching R
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Meeting Abstract (MI.09.06)

Endothelial EphrinB2 mediates spinal metastasis formation

Czabanka M, Broggini T, Hoffmann CJ, Harms C, Vajkoczy P
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