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65th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

11 - 14 May 2014, Dresden

Lectures Tuesday, May 13 2014
DI.12 Regeneration and Cell Replacement Strategies

Meeting Abstract (DI.12.03)

Morphochemical effects of alginate implants for treatment of experimental spinal cord injury

Tamosaityte S, Galli R, Uckermann O, Sitoci-Ficici KH, Koch E, Gelinsky M, Kirsch M, Steiner G
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Meeting Abstract (DI.12.04)

Immunogenic properties of cultured human nucleus pulposus cells for regenerative treatment approaches

Hegewald AA, Stich S, Stolk M, Sittinger M, Ringe J, Seifert M
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Meeting Abstract (DI.12.05)

Reconstitution of the central and peripheral nervous system from the implanted clonal neurospheres in salamander

Mchedlishvili L, Mazurov V, Tanaka EM
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Meeting Abstract (DI.12.06)

Implementation of a Brain-Computer Interface based training environment for functional restoration of patients with severe upper-limb paresis

Naros G, Grimm F, Kraus D, Brauchle D, Royter V, Bauer R, Gharabaghi A
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