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65th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

11 - 14 May 2014, Dresden

Lectures Monday, May 12 2014
MO.10 Brain Tumors – Laboratory Investigations 1

Meeting Abstract (MO.10.01)

The specific anti-neoplastic effect of carnosine and its dependence on release of L-histidine under the influence of carnosinase in glioma tumor cells

Oppermann H, Letzien U, Meixensberger J, Gaunitz F
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Meeting Abstract (MO.10.02)

Identification of prognostic markers in primary glioblastomas with spatial relationship to the subventricular zone

Jungk C, Exner J, Mock A, Capper D, Herold-Mende C, Unterberg A
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Meeting Abstract (MO.10.03)

Identification and characterization of c-Jun-N-terminal phosphorylation as an epigenetic regulator of highly methylated gene promoter regions in glioblastoma multiforme

Heiland DH, Ferrarese R, Dai F, Claus R, Masilamani A, Unterkircher T, Fedele V, Bug E, Carro MS, Weyerbrock A
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Meeting Abstract (MO.10.05)

Reduced angiogenesis in NDRG1 overexpressing experimental glioma

Broggini T, Wüstner M, Harms C, Blaes J, Harms U, Müller S, Wick W, Vajkoczy P, Czabanka M
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Meeting Abstract (MO.10.06)

Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), its receptors (VEGFR)-1-3 and the co-receptors neuropilin (NRP)-1 and -2 in human astrocytomas

Baumgarten P, Harter PN, Franz K, Seifert V, Plate KH, Mittelbronn M
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Meeting Abstract (MO.10.07)

Proton radiation therapy is associated with decreased incidence of radiation-induced necrosis in IDH-mutant gliomas

Loebel F, Rose BS, Lelic N, Chi AS, Shih HA, Cahill DP
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Meeting Abstract (MO.10.08)

The nitric oxide donor JS-K differentially modulates migration capacity and sensitivity to Temozolomide of human GBM cells in vitro

Günzle J, Osterberg N, Wolf L, Weyerbrock A
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Meeting Abstract (MO.10.09)

Glioma associated microglial MMP9 expression is upregulated by TLR2 receptor activation and sensitive to minocycline

Markovic DS, Min-Chi K, Hu F, Kettenmann H, Synowitz M, Kiwit JCW
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