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65th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

11 - 14 May 2014, Dresden

Lectures Monday, May 12 2014
MO.09 Intraoperative MRI

Meeting Abstract (MO.09.01)

Relevance of intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging in low-grade glioma surgery

Pala A, König R, Hlavac M, Wirtz CR, Coburger J
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Meeting Abstract (MO.09.02)

Intraoperative ultrasound during the resection of relapsing, radiated malignant gliomas

Mursch K, Kalaji F, Scholz M, Brück W, Behnke-Mursch J
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Meeting Abstract (MO.09.03)

Maximizing the extent of resection in glioblastoma surgery – Improved results under routine intraoperative MRI guidance

Scherer M, Jungk C, Beigel B, Bartsch A, Unterberg A
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Meeting Abstract (MO.09.04)

Reproducible evidence of resting-state functional MRI in anesthetized patients with intracranial lesions in an intraoperative MRI

Roder C, Bisdas S, Charyasz E, Klose U, Tatagiba M
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Meeting Abstract (MO.09.05)

Risk reduction in dominant temporal lobe epilepsy surgery employing fMRI/DTI imaging, neuronavigation and intraoperative 1.5T MR imaging

Roessler K, Sommer B, Grummich P, Hofmann A, Kasper B, Coras R, Blümcke I, Pauli E, Buchfelder M
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Meeting Abstract (MO.09.06)

Impact of intraoperative imaging modalities on overall survival of patients following GTR of brain metastases

Neidert MC, Hostettler I, Burkhardt JK, Mohme ME, Held U, Kofmehl R, Woernle CM, Regli L, Bozinov O
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Meeting Abstract (MO.09.07)

Evaluation of intraoperative 1.5T MRI to optimize the extent of resection in low-grade gliomas

Samii A, Giordano M, Paternó V, Gerganov VM, Fahlbusch R, Samii M
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Meeting Abstract (MO.09.08)

Evaluation of intraoperative high-field MRI for resection control in elective transsphenoidal pituitary adenoma surgery: analysis of utility based on 170 consecutive patients

Geletneky K, Baba V, Scherer M, Beigel B, Bartsch A, Unterberg A
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Meeting Abstract (MO.09.09)

Glioblastoma surgery guided by 5-ALA fluorescence and subsequent i-MRI. A histological evaluation

Kockro RA, Hauser SB, Actor B, Sarnthein J, Bernays RL
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