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62nd Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
Joint Meeting with the Polish Society of Neurosurgeons (PNCH)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

7 - 11 May 2011, Hamburg

Poster Sessions
P 07 Vascular experimental

Meeting Abstract (P 046)

Neuroprotection by synthetic dendritic polyglycerol sulfates (dPGS) in focal cerebral ischemia in mice

Lindauer U, Weis F, Foddis M, Przesdzing I, Meyer B, Licha K, Welker P, Dirnagl U, Schirner M
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Meeting Abstract (P 047)

Molsidome treatment for the prophylaxis of DIND and delayed brain infarction following subarachnoid hemorrhage

Ehlert A, Hesselmann V, Schmidt C
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Meeting Abstract (P 048)

Correlations between cytokine-concentrations in ventricular CSF, Doppler-sonography findings and radiographic cerebral blood flow measuring after spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage

Kapapa T, Gardill A, Broer P, Tumani H, Lehmensiek V, Schneider M, Weiss M, Schmitz B, König R, Schmidt T, Heinen C, Röhrer S, Wirtz CR, Woischneck D
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Meeting Abstract (P 049)

Preconditioning with intramuscular injection of VEGF in the rat double subarachnoid hemorrhage model: effects on cerebral vasospasm and neoangiogenesis

Eicker S, Hoppe M, Macht S, Steiger HJ, Hänggi D
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Meeting Abstract (P 050)

The role of SAH intensity and endothelin-1 increases in aneurysmal symptomatic cerebral vasospasm

Hendryk S, Bażowski P
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Meeting Abstract (P 051)

Accelerated clot formation to update the experimental subarachnoid-hemorrhage model in the rat

Ehlert A, Tiemann B, Manthei G, Frosch KH
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Meeting Abstract (P 052)

Extracellular biologically active proteasome in cebrebrospinal fluid: a novel function for a well-known protein?

Müller OM, Wiedemann J, Anlasik T, Thomassen J, Sixt S, Sure U
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