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62nd Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
Joint Meeting with the Polish Society of Neurosurgeons (PNCH)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

7 - 11 May 2011, Hamburg

Lectures Tuesday, 10 May 2011
DI.05 Neuro-Traumatology

Meeting Abstract (DI.05.01)

Pretreatment with antiplatelet agents and oral anticoagulants in intracerebral hemorrhage: A subgroup analysis

Stein M, Misselwitz B, Herrmann J, Scharbrodt W, Oertel MF
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Meeting Abstract (DI.05.02)

Histopathological findings in intracerebral hemorrhage

Holling M, Jeibmann A, Fischer BR, Stummer W, Paulus W
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Meeting Abstract (DI.05.03)

Ventricular hemorrhage results in opening of IP3-dependent- and L-type- Ca2+-channels leading to a breakdown of the mitochondrial membrane potential and necrosis of human astrocytes

Scharbrodt W, Kasseckert SA, Abdallah Y, Shahzad T, Stein M, Oertel MF
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Meeting Abstract (DI.05.04)

Minimal invasive decompression of chronic subdural hematomas using hollow screws: therapeutic efficacy, patients' acceptance and quality of life

Krieg S, Aldinger F, Gempt J, Stoffel M, Meyer B, Kreutzer J
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Meeting Abstract (DI.05.05)

Occurence and recurrence of chronic subdural hematoma are associated with deficiency of Factor XIII activity

Molcanyi M, Bosche B, Kochanek M, Dohmen C, Goldbrunner R, Brinker G
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Meeting Abstract (DI.05.06)

Timing of cranioplasty after decompressive craniectomy regarding postoperative complications

Schuss P, Güresir E, Imöhl L, Ulrich CT, Vatter H, Seifert V
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Meeting Abstract (DI.05.07)

Neuroepithelial 3D cysts as a tool for studying spinal cord regeneration after injury

Niesche M, Meinhard A, Schackert G, Tanaka E
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Meeting Abstract (DI.05.08)

Air gun impactor – a new device for graded spinal cord injury model in small rodents

Marcol W, Slusarczyk W, Lewin-Kowalik J, Gzik M, Weglarz W, Wysokinski T
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Meeting Abstract (DI.05.09)

Reanimation of the flaccid shoulder using free functional muscle transplantation (FFMT) in longstanding brachial plexus lesions

Krishnan KG, Schackert G, Seifert V, Krauss JK
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