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62nd Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
Joint Meeting with the Polish Society of Neurosurgeons (PNCH)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

7 - 11 May 2011, Hamburg

Lectures Tuesday, 10 May 2011
DI.03 Glioma, clinic

Meeting Abstract (DI.03.02)

Prospective, multicenter, non-interventional cohort study of concomitant and adjuvant temozolomide radiochemotherapy in glioblastoma patients with no or minimal residual enhancing tumor load after surgery

Stummer W, Meinel T, Ewelt C, Wölfer J, Martus P, Jakobs O, Felsberg J, Reifenberger G
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.03)

Haematotoxicity and its impact on therapy continuation during concomitant, adjuvant and extended temozolomide treatment in malignant glioma

Bock HC, Gutenberg A, Behm T, Rohde V, Giese A
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.04)

Continuation of first-line adjuvant temozolomide beyond six cycles does not prolong progression free survival in glioblastoma patients

Stockhammer F, Grabert J, Misch M, Auf G
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.05)

Extent of resection in high-grade gliomas in a single University Medical Centre

Doenitz C, Bründl E, Haj A, Herbst A, Proescholdt M, Brawanski A
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.06)

Methodical aspects of magnetic nanoparticle induced thermotherapy of glioblastoma recurrences on the basis of phase II data

Niehoff H, Wust P, Nestler D, Ulrich F, Budach V, Maier-Hauff KM
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.07)

Bevacizumab and Irinotecan therapy in recurrent malignant glioma, is it really effective?

Schroeteler J, Rapp M, Stoffels G, Steiger HJ, Stummer W, Sabel MC
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.08)

Is there a need for re-operation for recurrent glioblastoma?

Krex D, Lindner C, Juratli T, Raue C, Schackert G
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.09)

Efficiency of local BCNU in newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma and MGMT promoter methylation

Gutenberg A, Bock HC, Rohde V, Reifenberger G, Giese A
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.10)

The role of sphingosine kinase isoforms and their receptors in growth of primary, secondary and recurrent glioblastoma

Kolodziej M, Stiel N, Quint K, Ocker M, Strik H, Benes L, Nimsky C
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.11)

Frozen sections in stereotactic biopsies do not improve diagnostic yield

Stockhammer F, Misch M
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Meeting Abstract (DI.03.12)

Anxiety and depression in caregivers of patients with malignant brain tumors

Wiewrodt D, Fischbeck S, Stieb S
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