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61st Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC) as part of the Neurowoche 2010
Joint Meeting with the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery on the 20 September 2010

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

21 - 25 September 2010, Mannheim

Vorträge, Donnerstag, 23. September 2010
Hirntumorchirurgie 5

Meeting Abstract (V1634)

Continuous monitoring of corticobulbar motor evoked potentials during skull base and brainstem surgery using the double train technique

Seidel K, Raabe A
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Meeting Abstract (V1635)

Loss of fractional anisotropy of supratentorial tracts correlates significantly with impaired cognitive and fine motor function

Rueckriegel SM, Bruhn H, Henze G, Driever PH
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Meeting Abstract (V1636)

Real-time feedback on the integrity of the auditory system with new electrodes for proximal and distal nearfield recording of the AEP

Rosahl SK, Creutzburg N, Langbein A, Fichte S, Gerlach R
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Meeting Abstract (V1637)

Integration of fibertracking-guided functional neuronavigation into the resection of epileptogenic foci and tumors in children with pharmacoresistant epilepsy

Winkler PA, Staudt M, Holthausen H, Pieper T, Kudernatsch M
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Meeting Abstract (V1638)

Treatment of elderly patients with malignant or benign brain tumors

Rudolph K, Schackert G, Krex D
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Meeting Abstract (V1639)

Prospective double blinded study for the preoperative prediction of the consistency of meningiomas by the calculation of the fractional anisotropy value in MRI

El-Khatib ME, Rybacki K, Steiger HJ, Mödder U, Saleh A, Stummer W
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Meeting Abstract (V1640)

Strategy and results of surgical treatment of vestibular schwannoma in children

Schuhmann MU, Dimostheni A, Nagel C, Tatagiba MS
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Meeting Abstract (V1641)

Surgery in semisitting position for patients with patent foramen ovale: how dangerous is it?

Feigl GC, Decker K, Krischek B, Ritz R, Ramina K, Gharbaghi A, Tatagiba MS
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