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61st Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC) as part of the Neurowoche 2010
Joint Meeting with the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery on the 20 September 2010

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

21 - 25 September 2010, Mannheim

Postersession 6: Hirntumore

Meeting Abstract (P1747)

Evidence of local invasion in breast and lung cancer brain metastases

Siam L, Pukrop T, Giese A, Stadelmann C, Rohde V
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Meeting Abstract (P1748)

Surgical management of intracranial subependymomas

Kandenwein J, Bostroem A, Schramm J, Simon M
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Meeting Abstract (P1749)

Nonconvulsive status epilepticus (NCSE), a postoperative complication after craniotomy for supratentorial tumors

Diessars M, Deinsberger W, Hartwich M, Roth C
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Meeting Abstract (P1750)

Response of a recurrent anaplastic meningioma to Bevacizumab

Puchner MJA, Hans VH, Glas M, Harati A, Lohmann F, Herrlinger U
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Meeting Abstract (P1751)

The genome-wide transcriptional profiling of radioresistant stem-like brain tumour initiating cells

Giese A, Pilzak A, Rohde V, Rave-Fraenk MR, Shulz-Schaeffer WS, Kim E
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Meeting Abstract (P1752)

Visually evoked potentials during the endonasal endoscopic approach for anterior skull base tumors

Heiroth HJ, Steiger HJ, Hänggi D
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Meeting Abstract (P1753)

Genetic profiling of breast cancer brain metastases: The MDA-MB 231 array experiment

Stark AM, Mentlein R, Mehdorn HM, Held-Feindt JH
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Meeting Abstract (P1754)

The immunogenic effect of 5-ALA-Photodynamic Therapy

Etminan N, Peters C, Stummer W, Steiger HJ, Sorg RV
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Meeting Abstract (P1755)

Standardized tissue dissociation and removal of myelin debris optimize isolation of cells from human brain tumors

Dützmann S, Reiß S, Seifert V, Kögel D, Pennartz S
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Meeting Abstract (P1756)

A microarray-based DNA methylation analysis of brain metastases and their corresponding primary carcinomas

Martínez R, Rohde V, Gutenberg A, Füzesi L, Martín-Subero JM, Esteller M
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