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61st Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC) as part of the Neurowoche 2010
Joint Meeting with the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery on the 20 September 2010

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

21 - 25 September 2010, Mannheim

Vorträge, Donnerstag, 23. September 2010
Hirntumorchirurgie 6

Meeting Abstract (V1642)

Neurosurgery of skull base metastases

Lindner C, Krex D, Schackert G
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Meeting Abstract (V1643)

Fluorescence-guided resection of cerebral metastasis

Kamp MA, Grosser P, Slotty P, Felsberg J, Steiger HJ, Sabel M
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Meeting Abstract (V1644)

The role of surgery in the management of patients with multiple brain metastases

Lindner C, Petschke S, Krex D, Schackert G
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Meeting Abstract (V1645)

New perspectives for endoscopic neurosurgery – an anatomic study with a rigid, multidirectional steerable videoendoscope

Ebner FH, Schuhmann MU, Marquardt JS, Hirt B, Honegger J, Herlan S, Tatagiba M
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Meeting Abstract (V1646)

Surgical treatment of plexiforme neurofibromas/schwannomas in children with neurofibromatosis

Schuhmann MU, Nagel C, Mautner VF, Tatagiba MS
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Meeting Abstract (V1647)

Evaluation of the regeneration promoting potential of a 26-amino acid fragment of clostridium botulinum C3 protein in rat models of peripheral nerve regeneration

Haastert K, Handreck A, Korte N, Grothe C, Just I, Hülsenbeck SC
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Meeting Abstract (V1648)

First results of intraoperative high-resolution ultrasound in peripheral nerve disorders

Pedro MT, König RW, Wirtz R, Antoniadis G, Heinen C
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