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61st Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC) as part of the Neurowoche 2010
Joint Meeting with the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery on the 20 September 2010

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

21 - 25 September 2010, Mannheim

Vorträge, Donnerstag, 23. September 2010
Hydrozephalus 1

Meeting Abstract (V1611)

First results of the interim analysis of the randomized controlled SVASONA trial for idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (ISRCTN51046698)

Meier U, Lemcke J, Müller C, Fritsch M, Kiefer M, Eymann R, Kehler U, Langer N, Rohde V, Ludwig HC, Weber F, Remenez V, Schuhmann M, Stengel D
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Meeting Abstract (V1612)

Navigation- and laser-assisted neuroendoscopy in the management of complex hydrocephalus

Ludwig HC, Behm T, Rohde V
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Meeting Abstract (V1613)

ICP analysis in iNPH: Comparison of time-domain derived versus frequency-domain derived pulse wave amplitude and related parameters

Buddhakoralage S, Speil A, Helm J, Jaeger M, Eide P, Schuhmann MU
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Meeting Abstract (V1614)

Open (droplet chamber) versus closed (LiquoGuard™) ventricular drainage

Winkler R, Icke C, Recknagel-Friese SR, Döbel KU, Brand P, Gerlach R, Rosahl S
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Meeting Abstract (V1615)

The effect of lumbar drainage on chronic hydrocephalus and shunt dependency after subarachnoid hemorrhage

Tizi K, Güresir E, Setzer M, Seifert V, Vatter H
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Meeting Abstract (V1616)

Reduction of shunt obstructions using “contactless” ventricle puncture? Results of a randomized prospective multicenter study

Kehler U, Langer N, Gliemroth J, Kiefer M, Eymann R, Meier U, Lemcke J, Sprung C, Schlosser HG, Heese O
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Meeting Abstract (V1617)

Antiseptic silver-repleted external ventricular drains fail to reduce infection rate in catheter associated meningitis

Müller O, Jurig S, Stein KP, Schoch B, Sure U
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Meeting Abstract (V1618)

Comparison of the cerebrospinal fluid infection rate associated with the implantation of external ventricular drainage by the use of the different types of drainage systems

Lajcak M, Rainov NG, Heidecke V
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