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59th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
3rd Joint Meeting with the Italian Neurosurgical Society (SINch)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

1 - 4 June 2008, Würzburg

P 12 Free Topics: Neurotrauma

Meeting Abstract (P 112)

Intraventricular infusion of PEDF causes proliferation of neural stem cells in the subventricular zone following experimental brain injury

Bründl EM, Pina AL, Störr EM, Proescholdt MA, Brawanski A
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Meeting Abstract (P 113)

Neuroprotective effects of continuous norepinephrine (NE) infusion following Controlled Cortical Impact Injury (CCII) are at least in part mediated by induction of glutamate transporter proteins and increased extracellular glutamate uptake

Schreiber S, Stover JF, von Deimling A, van Landeghem FK
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Meeting Abstract (P 114)

Association of apolipoprotein E polymorphism with neurocognitive and psychosocial outcome after nonaneurysmal nontraumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage. A prospective five-year-long study

Alfieri A, Schwarz A, Unterhuber V, Pircher M, Campello M, Broger M, Widmer HR
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Meeting Abstract (P 115)

Histological appearance of endothelial factor VIII correlates with the duration and severity of infarct after ischemic stroke in the rat

Schatlo B, Merrill M, Oldfield EH, Pluta RM
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Meeting Abstract (P 116)

A novel opto-chemical pO2 measurement on the cortex in comparison with the intraparenchymal Licox-probe

Warnat J, Stoerr EM, Liebsch G, Brawanski A, Woertgen C
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Meeting Abstract (P 117)

Hemodynamic and metabolic changes associated with Cortical Spreading Depolarization in humans

Woitzik J, Hecht N, Dreier JP, Manville C, Diepers M, Sakowitz O, Bosche B, Dohmen C, Graf R
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Meeting Abstract (P 118)

Long-term in-vivo imaging of structural plasticity in the neocortex

Stetter C, Hirschberg M, Heckmann M, Sigrist S, Sirén AL
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