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58. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V. (DGNC)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

26. bis 29.04.2007, Leipzig

Vorträge Samstag
SA.07 Freie Themen – Spinale Neurochirurgie – Halswirbelsäule/Lendenwirbelsäule

Meeting Abstract (SA.07.01)

International multicenter study on the biomechanical effects and the occurrence of so-called adjacent-segment disease after cervical intercorporal spondylodesis with Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Implants: initial results after 1-year follow-up

Suess O, Suess S, Bode F, Picht T, Weise L, Brock M, Kombos T
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Meeting Abstract (SA.07.02)

Fusion and failure following anterior cervical plating with dynamic or rigid plates: 2-year results of a multi-centric, prospective, randomized, controlled study

Pitzen T, Chrobok J, Stulik J, Ruffing S, Sova L, Drumm J, Kucera R, Vyscocil T, Steudel WI
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Meeting Abstract (SA.07.03)

Disc replacement with pro-disc C versus fusion: a prospective randomized and controlled radiographic and clinical study

Nabhan A, Pape D, Pitzen T, Steudel WI, Ahlhelm F
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Meeting Abstract (SA.07.04)

Uncoforaminotomy in the treatment of radiculopathy – follow-up after 2 years

Pechlivanis I, Brenke C, Scholz M, Engelhard M, Harders A, Schmieder K
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Meeting Abstract (SA.07.05)

Lumbosacral circumferential arthrodesis and preventive semirigid posterior fixation of adjacent disc

Perrin G
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Meeting Abstract (SA.07.06)

The impact of a special fin-nut design on the biomechanical behavior of a cubic posterior lumbar interbody fusion cage compared to a cubic cage without fin. An in vitro comparison including cyclic loading in randomized directions

Knöringer M, Kettler A, Werner K, McGee N, Wilke HJ, Meyer B
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Meeting Abstract (SA.07.07)

Changes in bone density in a lumbar cage filled with local autograft

München AMD, Pitzen TR, Barbier D, Reith W, Steudel WI
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Meeting Abstract (SA.07.08)

Transpedicular spinal nerve stimulation (TSS): a helpful technique for the implantation of canulated pedicle screws beneath the Conus medullaris?

Suess O, Aldinger C, Weise L, Picht T, Brock M, Kombos T
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Meeting Abstract (SA.07.09)

Chemokine expression and development of central pain syndromes after spinal cord injury in the rat

Knerlich F, Juraschek M, Mehdorn HM, Held-Feindt J
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