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57th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery
Joint Meeting with the Japanese Neurosurgical Society

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

11 - 14 May, Essen

P 07 Orbita

Meeting Abstract (P 07.95)

Pulsating exophthalmus in sphenoid wing aplasia – a distinct presentation of NF1

Schweitzer T, Kniese K, Collmann H, Roosen K, Matthies C
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.96)

Cholesterol granuloma of the orbit. Diagnosis and surgical management. Report of two cases

Kessel G, Bohl J
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.97)

Extended pterional orbital decompression in severe orbital cellulitis

Korinth MC, Weinzierl MR, Gilsbach JM
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.98)

Intraorbital hemorrhage from an intraorbital malformation? – No, from a ruptured ophthalmic aneurysm! A case report

Lohmann F, Schulthei▀ R
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.99)

Craniofacial approach for upper clivus lesions and large paranasal tumours involving the anterior skull base assisted by navigation techniques

Farhadi M, St÷ver T, Rodt T, Majdani O, Lorenz M, Lenarz T, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.100)

Anatomical variations in pneumatization of anterior clinoid process

Mikami T, Minamida Y, Koyanagi I, Baba T, Yamashita T, Houkin K
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