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57th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery
Joint Meeting with the Japanese Neurosurgical Society

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

11 - 14 May, Essen

P 04 Imaging

Meeting Abstract (P 04.43)

Fluorescence lifetime imaging of brain and brain tumour tissue by time-resolved multiphoton excitation microscopy

Kantelhardt S, Leppert J, Pettkus N, Reusche E, Hüttmann G, Giese A
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.44)

Prospective evaluation of imaging and metabolic features in 11 patients with newly diagnosed WHO grade II or III glioma: Gd-enhancement, FET-uptake in PET and ALA-induced porphyrin fluorescence

Floeth F, Stummer W, Langen KJ, Pauleit D, Reifenberger G, Steiger HJ, Sabel M
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.45)

Low uptake of [18F]FDG-PET in primary central nervous system lymphoma: Two cases report

Sugino T, Mikami T, Minamida Y, Houkin K
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.46)

Diffusion tensor imaging: visualization of brain tumours using the method of tensor patterns

Kitzler H, Benger W, Werner A, Bartsch H, Shumilina A, Hege HC, Schackert G, von Kummer R
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.47)

Clinical value of 123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine single-photon emission computerized tomography for diagnosis of embryonal tumours – Diagnostic significance of delayed imaging

Sasajima T, Kinouchi H, Naitoh Y, Tomura N, Watarai J, Mizoi K
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.48)

Evaluation of MR-spectroscopy differences between Oligodendrogliomas and Astrocytoma

Goebell E, Niehtz S, Fiehler J, Ding X, Heese O, Westphal M, Hagel C, Kucinski T, Zeumer H
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.49)

Flat panel volumetric computed tomography: A promising new tool in high resolution skull base imaging

Luecke M, Greschus S, Obert M, Schaaf H, Boeker DK, Traupe H
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.50)

3D-Visualisation and Simulation of frontoorbital advancement in children with craniosynostosis

Rodt T, Schramm A, v. Jan U, Schlesinger A, Krauss JK, Rittierodt M
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.51)

Application of MRI criteria for cavernous sinus (CS) invasion of pituitary adenomas on normal parasellar anatomy

Knappe UJ, Jaursch-Hancke HC, Lörcher U
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.52)

Diffusion tensor imaging in acquired blind humans

Bürgel U, Schoth F, Boström A, Reinacher P, Krings T, Hans F
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.53)

White matter trajectories in pre- and postoperative DTI examination and fiber tracking for patients with brain stem cavernomas

Dukatz T, Sure U, Iwinska-Zelder J, Beyer TF, Hahn H, Klein J, Benes L, Bertalanffy H
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.54)

Curved planar reformation images for identification of the central sulcus of affected hemispheres: Comparison with functional magnetic resonance imaging

Nishimoto H, Inoue T, Sasaki M, Kanbara Y, Arai H, Beppu T, Ogasawara K, Ogawa A
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.55)

Mismatch of fMRI and intraoperative stimulation of the motor cortex (MEP) – a case report

Schiffler S, Hopf N
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.56)

Evaluation of the optic nerve in sellar and parasellar lesion using three-dimensional cycled Fast Imaging Employing Steady-state Acquisition (FIESTA-C)

Yamashita T, Mikami T, Minamida Y, Baba T, Houkin K
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Meeting Abstract (P 04.57)

Morphometric analysis of microcephalic skulls

Weber J, Pusch CM
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