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57th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery
Joint Meeting with the Japanese Neurosurgical Society

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

11 - 14 May, Essen

P 11 Wirbelsäule 1

Meeting Abstract (P 11.170)

Perfusion MRI studies of the spinal cord: its role in cervical spondylotic myelopathy

Uemura K, Matsumura A, Anno I, Isobe T, Tsukada A
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.171)

Dynamic real-time MRI examination of the cervical spine using the Neuro-Swing System

Schlamann M, Reischke L, Maderwald S, Klassen PD, Forsting M, Wanke I
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.172)

Comparative prospective study results in the therapy of osteoporotic vertebral body fractures using Kyphoplasty or conservative procedure – 2-year results of 57 patients

Lienert A, Ruetten S, Komp M, Godolias G
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.173)

Ballon kyphoplasty – two years of experience

Heinen CPG, Kretschmer T, Börm W, Richter HP, König RW
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.174)

Surgeon's radiation exposure during percutaneous vertebroplasty

Synowitz M, Kiwit J
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.175)

The usefulness of spinal navigation is procedure-dependent: Results from a laboratory investigation

Börm W, König RW, Kast E, Kretschmer T
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.176)

SpineGate – multipurpose retractor system for endoscopic and microsurgical spinal interventions: Clinical results

Freudenstein D, Ritz R, Roser F, Haimerl G, Duffner F, Tatagiba M
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.177)

Intervertebral debridement and drainage of lumbar spondylodiscitis in full-endoscopic transforaminal technique

Oezdemir S, Ruetten S, Komp M, Godolias G
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.178)

Spondylodiscitis after colposacropexy due to vaginal vault – a rare complication

Schmidt T, Mohr K, Richter HP
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.179)

The use of topical negative pressure therapy in deep wound infection after spinal surgery

Herbold C, Ziegler UE, Roosen K
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.180)

Surgical treatment for cervical spondylodiscitis

Asamoto S, Fukui Y, Jimbo H, Ishikawa M, Hatayama K, Maeno S, Mitsuyama T, Kawasaki T
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.181)

Pyogenic spinal infections and outcome according to the SF 36

Woertgen C, Rothoerl RD, Schebesch KM, Angele P, Brawanski A, Neumann C
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.182)

A minimally invasive posterior approach for the treatment of cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy. Surgical technique and preliminary results

Greiner-Perth R, Allam Y
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.183)

Mini-open approach combined with percutaneous transarticular screw fixation for C1-C2 fusion

Greiner-Perth R, Allam Y, El Saghir H
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.184)

Posterior fusion in atlantoaxial instability: a new compression clamp for easy and safe fixation. Technical note and first experience

Doenitz C, Rothoerl R, Brawanski A, Woertgen C
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.185)

Uncoforaminotomy in the treatment of recurrent radiculopathy after ACDF and Fusion

Pechlivanis I, Brenke C, Scholz M, Engelhardt M, Harders A, Schmieder K
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.186)

The incidence of C5-C6 radiculopathy as a complication of extensive cervical decompression

Greiner-Perth R, Allam Y
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Meeting Abstract (P 11.187)

Long-term outcome of C2-fractures

Muskala B, Jöllenbeck B, Firsching R
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