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55. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V. (DGNC)
1. Joint Meeting mit der Ungarischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

25. bis 28.04.2004, Köln

P 07 Hauptthema II: Intensivmedizinisches Monitoring

Meeting Abstract (P 07.67)

Monitoring of cerebral haemodynamics by the Wigner distribution: Evaluation of non-stationary processes

Schröder T, Hagmüller A, Morgenstern U, Steinmeier R
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.68)

Correlation of brain tissue oxygen and regional cerebral blood flow

Jaeger M, Söhle M, Schuhmann MU, Meixensberger J
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.69)

Impact of cerebral tumors and EEG–aberrations on the bispectral index in anaesthetized patients

Reithmeier T, Heuser E, Wedekind C, Pakos P, Löhr M, Ernestus RI
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.70)

Effects of fentanyl and S(+)-ketamine on gastrointestinal motility and catecholamine dosages in neurosurgical patients – A pilot study

Schmittner M, Renn S, Vajkoczy P, Quintel M, Münch E
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.71)

Is the bispectral index an adequate tool for monitoring analgosedation in awake craniotomy?

Reithmeier T, Heuser E, Wedekind C, Pakos P, Löhr M, Ernestus RI
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.72)

Shift of calibration and zero reference in intraparenchymal microsensors for intracranial pressure monitoring in clinical practice

Wertheimer D, Giese A, Westphal M
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.73)

Experiences of metabolic monitoring in pediatric head injury

Janka M, Hoelper BM, Soldner F, Behr R
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.74)

Isoprostane and cerebral metabolism after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in humans – A preliminary experience

Oertel MF, Deinsberger W, Babakhanlou R, Böker DK
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.75)

Neurobiochemical markers during giant aneurysm clipping under circulatory arrest and deep hypothermia

Lange BN, Raabe A, Zimmermann M, Vatter H, Beck J, Seifert V
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.76)

Fast track analgo sedation of patients after surgery of supratentorial brain tumors in the neurosurgical intensive care unit (ICU)

Ketter R, Wilhelm W, Kreuer S, Steudel WI, Strowitzki M
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Meeting Abstract (P 07.77)

Prognosis of outcome after decompressive craniectomies in 100 brain injured patient

Woischneck D, Wagener J, Peters I, Reissberg S, Grimm C, Firsching R
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