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55. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V. (DGNC)
1. Joint Meeting mit der Ungarischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

25. bis 28.04.2004, Köln

Vorträge Montag
MO.13 Freie Themen: HWS

Meeting Abstract (MO.13.01)

Intraoperative Measurement of Pharynx / Esophagus Retraction during Anterior Cervical Fusion (ACF)

Heese O, Klotz-Regener V, Buchalla R, Schröder F, Kunkel P, Papavero L
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Meeting Abstract (MO.13.02)

Intraoperative computer-animated real-time visualization of vertebral body motion using a microsensor system implanted in the cervical spine

Süss S, Schoenherr S, Mularski S, Kühn B, Süss S, Kombos T, Brock M
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Meeting Abstract (MO.13.03)

Cervical spinal fusion with PMMA versus titanium-cage – A prospective randomised study

Schröder J, Große-Dresselhaus F, Schul C, Wassmann H
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Meeting Abstract (MO.13.04)

Results of posterior foraminotomy and anterior discectomy with PMMA fusion for 361 patients with cervical radiculopathy

Korinth MC, Krüger A, Oertel MF, Gilsbach JM
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Meeting Abstract (MO.13.05)

Segmental motion and cervical alignment after implantation of the bryan cervical disc prothesis

Leonardi MA, Gerstner W, Lumenta CB
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Meeting Abstract (MO.13.06)

Dorsal instrumentation of the cervical spine with the "Neon® occipito-cervical system

Ringel F, Behr M, Stoffel M, Rößeler L, Stüer C, Schramm J, Meyer B
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Meeting Abstract (MO.13.07)

Sports with degenerative changes in the cervical spine - How high is the risk of a spinal contusion during a cervical trauma?

Knöringer M, Kestlmeier R, Schröder M, Jaeger R, Weinzierl FX, Trappe AE
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Meeting Abstract (MO.13.08)

Results of surgical treatment of thoracic disc herniations by posterior or posterolateral approach

Kandenwein JA, Börm W, Richter HP, Bäzner U
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Meeting Abstract (MO.13.09)

Post-operative nadroparin administration for prophylaxis of thromboembolic events is not associated with an increased risk of hemorrhage after spinal surgery

Gerlach R, Raabe A, Seifert V
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