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132. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

28.04. - 01.05.2015, München

Moderne Herzchirurgie in Klinik und Forschung

Meeting Abstract (15dgch577)

Transfemoral TAVI is associated with prolonged ICU-stay and increased postoperative morbidity

Tugtekin S, Wilbring M, Matschke K, Alexiou K, Kappert U
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Meeting Abstract (15dgch578)

Interhospital transfer of critically ill patients using portable extracorporeal circulatory systems: a single center experience

Haneya A, von der Brelie M, Igelmann H, Wespa S, Schneider C, Ivers T, Panholzer B, Kowalski A, Haake N, Cremer J
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Meeting Abstract (15dgch579)

Incor goes Excor: Pedicled latissimus dorsi muscle flap coverage of inadvertently externalized left Ventricular Assist Device

Arsalan-Werner A, Arsalan M, Moll W, Kempfert J, Szalay Z, Richter M, Mehling I, Sauerbier M, Walther T
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Meeting Abstract (15dgch580)

Coronary artery bypass surgery in the elderly: A comparison of minimized and conventional extracorporeal circulation

Freundt M, Haneya A, Hirt S, Schmid C
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Meeting Abstract (15dgch581)

Hybrid approach in patients with aortic and supra-aortic pathologies: Early outcomes

Ogutu P
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