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25. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Audiologie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Audiologie e. V.

01.03. - 03.03.2023, Köln

Strukturierte Sitzung
Audiovisuelle Kommunikation

Meeting Abstract (013)

Listening and multitasking using an ecological relevant paradigm AVATAR

van Wieringen A, Devesse A, Porto L, Van Wilderode M, Wouters J
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Meeting Abstract (014)

Influence of natural head movements on communication behaviour in virtual multi-talker conversations

Kothe A, Hohmann V, Grimm G
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Meeting Abstract (015)

Distributed interactive low-delay virtual reality for music and research applications

Grimm G, Kothe A, Hohmann V
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Meeting Abstract (016)

Examination of audiovisual prosody

Meister H, Winter IS, Wächtler M, Sandmann P, Abdellatif K
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Meeting Abstract (017)

Altered audio-visual interactions in cochlear-implant users: behavioral and electrophysiological evidence

Sandmann P, Layer N, Weglage A, Radecke JO, Lang-Roth R, Meister H, Walger M, Müller V
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