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Artificial Vision 2019

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

13.12. - 14.12.2019, Aachen

Clinical experiences with retinal stimulation and implants

Meeting Abstract (19artvis25)

Dynamics of pupillary responses to sinusoidal transcorneal electrostimulation in healthy subjects – Effects of stimulus frequency

Jung R, Stingl K, Stingl K, Kelbsch C, Wilhelm H, Peters T, Wilhelm B, Strasser T, Richter P
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis26)

44-channel suprachoroidal retinal prosthesis clinical trial: interim device status update 1 year post-implantation

Nayagam DAX, Petoe M A, Titchener S A, Kolic M, Baglin E K, Abbott C J, Luu C D, Epp S B, Thien P, Kvansakul J, Shivdasani M N, Kentler W G, Burns O, Villalobos J, Millard R, Seligman P, Yeoh J, Briggs R J, Shepherd R K, Williams C E, Allen P J
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis27)

A suprachoroidal retinal prosthesis: surgical safety and stability

Allen PJ, Nayagam DAX, Epp SB, Luu CD, Barnes N, Kolic M, Young K, Baglin EK, Abbott CJ, Briggs RJ, Yeoh J, Kentler WG, Titchener SA, Petoe MA, Williams CE
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis28)

First Belgian Argus II retinal prosthesis implantation and rehabilitation: one-year outcomes

Van Cauwenbergh C, Nerinckx D, Spielberg L, Hebbelinck L, Vandesteene A, Van De Ginste E, Schrauwen W, Joniau I, Wouters L, Leroy B P
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis29)

Management of surgery-associated adverse events of Argus II retinal prosthesis system

Schaffrath K, Lohmann T, Baumgarten S, Schellhase H, Walter P
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis30)

Surgical technique of the PRIMA photovoltaic retinal implant: from animal testing to implantation in humans

Muqit MMK, Hubschman JP, Picard S, McCreery DB, van Meurs JC, Nouvel-Jaillard C, Fovet CM, Hantraye P, Sahel J, Martel JN, Le Mer YL
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis31)

12 months results of first in human study, implanting the wireless sub-retinal PRIMA microchip in patients with dry AMD

Mer YL, Mohand-Sad S, Muqit M, Sahel J, Palanker D
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