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Artificial Vision 2019

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

13.12. - 14.12.2019, Aachen

Preclinical data on stimulation and new devices

Meeting Abstract (19artvis16)

Safety and performance clinical trial of the NR600 retinal implant in end-stage inherited outer retinal degenerative diseases

Stalmans P
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis17)

Investigation of spatial selectivity using blind source separation algorithm for electrical retinal stimulation

Celik ME, Nguyen D, Scorsone E, Rousseau L, Picaud S
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis18)

Ex-vivo characterization of high-resolution photovoltaic epi-retinal stimulation

Chenais N, Leccardi M A, Ghezzi D
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis19)

Polymer-based penetrating probes for retinal applications

Montes V, Gehlen J, Srikantharajah K, Müller F, Offenhäusser A
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis20)

Location-dependent AIS variations influence activation thresholds in mouse α RGCs

Werginz P, Raghuram V, Fried S I
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis21)

Biocompatibility and surgical feasibility of the OPTO-EPIRET stimulation system

Lohmann TK, Schaffrath K, Baumgarten S, Seifert J, Raffelberg P, Waschkowski F, Viga R, Kokozinski R, Johnen S, Mokwa W, Walter P
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis22)

Feasibility of 3rd generation suprachoroidal-transretinal stimulation (STS) prosthesis in healthy dogs

Morimoto T, Miyoshi T, Saitoh T, Ito K, Ozawa M, Nishida K, Fujikado T
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis23)

Electrical Stimulation of the optic nerve for neuroprosthetic applications

Gaillet V, Cutrone A, Artoni F, Vagni P, Pratiwi AM, Pinto SA R, Paola D LD, Micera S, Ghezzi D
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Meeting Abstract (19artvis24)

Surgical in vivo model in rabbits to test chronically self-opening intra-neural electrodes for optic nerve stimulation

Kropp M, Ghezzi D, Conti A, Jonescu-Cuypers C, Thumann G
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