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Artificial Vision 2017

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

01.12. - 02.12.2017, Aachen

Improvements, Modifications and New Ideas

Meeting Abstract (17artvis33a)

The wireless sub-retinal PRIMA Bionic Vision System

van Meurs J, Le Mer Y, Muqit M, Picaud S, Palanker D
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis34)

Evaluation of reaching movement and mobility with a prosthetic vision simulator

Hozumi K, Endo T, Hirota M, Kanda H, Morimoto T, Nishida K, Fujikado T
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis35)

Visual prostheses with higher functionality by simplifying the visual input

Dagnelie G, Barry M, Caspi A, Roy A, Gibson P, Kramer K
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis36)

Towards a micro-coil based cortical visual prosthesis

Fried SI, Lee SW
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis37)

Monoconal (vertical) theory of color vision emphasizing physics – glaucoma artificial vision prosthesis

Zolli CL
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis38)

Design of model artificial organic photoreceptors for photo-electrical stimulation of neuronal cells

Schiek M, Abdullaeva OS, Balzer F, Schulz M, Luetzen A, Parisi J, Dedek K
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis39)

The use of microelectrode arrays for non-viral, transposon-mediated, electroporation-based gene transfer in rd10 mouse retinae – An interdisciplinary approach

Diarra S, Waschkowski F, Garcia Moreno A, Izsvák Z, Ivics Z, Thumann G, Schnakenberg U, Müller F, Mokwa W, Walter P, Johnen S
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis40)

Evaluation of a retinal imaging laser eye wear

Oeverhaus MM, Dekowski D, Stöhr M, Holtemeyer J, Schaperdoth-Gerlings B, Esser J, Eckstein A
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis41)

Prerequisites for future vision implants

Walter P
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