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Artificial Vision 2017

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

01.12. - 02.12.2017, Aachen

Clinical Experiences: Epiretinal and Cortical Approaches

Meeting Abstract (17artvis27)

Measurement of visual cortex activity with near infrared spectroscopy after endoscope assisted ARGUS II epiretinal prosthesis implantation in retinitis pigmentosa patients

Özmert E, Baskak B, Arslantaş R, Kır Y, Kuşman A, Baran Z
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis28)

Argus II implant in patients presenting a posterior staphyloma

Cinelli L, Rizzo S
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis29)

Visual function performances and outcomes of patients with some residual vision implanted with the Argus II retinal prosthesis

Flourence M, Lesimple A, Argus II study group
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis30)

ARGUS II retinal implant application in a patient with history of epilepsy

Unal N, Akkan F, Altındag E, Arslantas R, Arslan YZ
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis31)

Clinical evaluation of two retinitis pigmentosa (RP) patients implanted with Argus II retinal prosthesis

Güven D, Demir M, Özcan D, Tiryaki Demir S, Kacar H, Cevher S
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis32)

Surgery-associated adverse events of Argus II retinal prosthesis system

Schaffrath K, Schimitzek H, Walter P
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis33)

Development of a cortical visual prosthesis for the blind: pre-clinical studies

Fernandez E, Alfaro A
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