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Artificial Vision 2017

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

01.12. - 02.12.2017, Aachen

Data from preclinical experiments

Meeting Abstract (17artvis15)

Progress towards delivering visual percepts from the suprachoroidal space

Suaning G, Barriga-Rivera A
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis16)

Development and evaluation of a wide-field dual-array suprachoroidal-transretinal stimulation (STS) prosthesis system

Morimoto T, Kanda H, Hozumi K, Nishida K, Fujikado T
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis17)

The very large array retinal stimulator: a final update

Lohmann TK, Haiss F, Barz C, Werner C, van der Meer AM, Schaffrath K, Schnitzler AC, Rößler G, Waschkowski F, Mokwa W, Walter P
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis18)

An encoding model of visual and electrical stimuli in rat lateral geniculate nucleus: A deep learning approach

Eldawlatly S, Mounir E, Abdullah B, Mahdi H M K
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis19)

Retinal recordings with penetrating multielectrode arrays

Rincón Montes V, Gehlen J, Lück S, Mokwa W, Müller F, Walter P, Offenhäusser A
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis20)

Temporal patterns of single-unit responses from on- and off-cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus elicited by suprachoroidal-transretinal stimulation

Kanda H, Miyoshi T, Morimoto T, Fujikado T
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis21)

Temporal filters of electrically stimulated retinal ganglion cells

Höfling L, Jetter F, Berens P, Zeck G
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis22)

Exploring the separation of ON and OFF responses in normal and degenerated mouse retina stimulated electrically

Rathbun D
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