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Artificial Vision 2017

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

01.12. - 02.12.2017, Aachen

Retinal Degeneration and Retina Stimulation – Basics

Meeting Abstract (17artvis01)

Tickling the retina: subthreshold stimulation of targeted ganglion cell types

Rathbun D
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis02)

Establishment and characterization of a UV-induced photoreceptor degeneration mouse model

Meer AMvd, Müller F, Johnen S, Walter P
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis03)

Pharmacological manipulation of oscillatory activity in the retina of the retinitis pigmentosa mouse model rd10

Gehlen J, Esser S, Haselier C, Schaffrath K, Johnen S, Walter P, Müller F
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis04)

Acknowledging non-monotonicity: working towards understanding electrical response types in mouse retinas

Jalligampala A, Kelbsch C, Stingl K, Strasser T, Peters T, Zrenner E, Wilhelm B, Rathbun DL
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis05)

A discussion of the RGC classification toolbox and preliminary data

Sadeghi M, Hosseinzadeh Z, Rathbun DL
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis06)

Electrically activated dormant photoreceptors elicit network-mediated responses in different types of ganglion cells

Haq W, Speck A, Basavaraju S, Dieter J, Zrenner E
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis07)

Modulation of electrical activity in the retina of the rd10 mouse model using neuroprotective drugs

Schaffrath K, Diarra S, Gehlen J, Müller F, Walter P, Johnen S
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Meeting Abstract (17artvis08)

The electrical stimulation efficiency of retinal ganglion cells in degenerated mouse retina depends on specific patterns of spontaneous activity

Haselier C, Biswas S, Rösch S, Thumann G, Müller F, Walter P
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