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Artificial Vision 2015

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

27.11. - 28.11.2015, Aachen

IV Preclinical Evaluation I: Biocompatibility and Surgery

Meeting Abstract (15artvis14)

Pre-clinical assessment of the Phoenix99 Retina Implant – passive performance in vivo

Suaning G, Lovell N, James N, Fung A
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Meeting Abstract (15artvis15)

Surgical feasibility of wide-field dual-array suprachoroidal–transretinal stimulation (STS) prosthesis in middle-sized animals

Morimoto T, Kanda H, Miyoshi T, Lohmann TK, Fujikado T
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Meeting Abstract (15artvis16)

Biocompatibility of very large multielectrode arrays for epiretinal stimulation in rabbits

Schnitzler AC, Walter P, Waschkowski F, Etzkorn C, Mokwa W, Roessler G
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