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7th International Symposium on AMD: Age-related Macular Degeneration – Understanding Pathogenetic Mechanisms of Disease

20.09. - 21.09.2019, Baden-Baden

Poster rapid fire presentations

Meeting Abstract (19amd32)

B3GLCT-catalyzed O-fucose glucosylation is not required for secretion of TSP1 and CTGF from retinal pigment epithelial cells

Lauwen S, Lefeber DJ, de Jong EK, den Hollander AI
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Meeting Abstract (19amd33)

Dissecting the role of lysosome dysfunction in AMD

Falcão AS, Cardoso MH, Hall M, Escrevente C, Antas P, Chaves-Ferreira M, Tenreiro S, Futter CE, Seabra MC
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Meeting Abstract (19amd34)

Complement factor H (CFH) loss alters energy metabolism and hinders the antioxidant capacity of RPE cells

Armento A, Honisch S, Panagiotakopoulou V, Sonntag I, Jacob A, Deleidi M, Ueffing M
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Meeting Abstract (19amd35)

Clinical, morphology-structural, biological biomarkers for AMD and its atrophy and neovascular complications

Gonzales C
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Meeting Abstract (19amd36)

Performance of classification systems for AMD

Thee E, Meester M, Luttikhuizen D, Rizoupolos D, Klaver C
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Meeting Abstract (19amd37)

Correlations in mulitmodal macular pigment measurements and fluorescence lifetime imaging opthalmoscopy in AMD

Jaggi D, Solberg Y, Dysli C, Wolf S, Zinkernagel M
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Meeting Abstract (19amd38)

Full-field OCT for imaging AMD progression

Hüttmann G, Koch P, Sudkamp H, Moltmann M, Theisen-Kunde D, Pfäffle C, Hillmann D, von der Burchard C, Tode J, Ehlken C, Kepp T, Handels H, Birngruber R, Roider J
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Meeting Abstract (19amd39)

Intravitreal ranibizumab versus aflibercept following treat and extend protocol for neovascular AMD (2 years follow-up)

Abdin A, Suffo S, Langenbucher A, Seitz B
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Meeting Abstract (19amd40)

Analysis of the vascular properties of the choroidal neovascularization (CNV) undergoing fibrovascular transformation in neovascular AMD using optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA)

Book M, Ziegler M, Rothaus K, Farecki ML, Spital G, Lommatzsch A, Pauleikhoff D
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Meeting Abstract (19amd41)

Translational evaluation of selective retina therapy and thermal stimulation of the retina as therapeutic means for AMD

Tode J, Richert E, von der Burchard C, Brinkmann R, Lucius R, Klettner A, Roider J
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Meeting Abstract (19amd42)

Low-energy light treatment of wet AMD after completion of standard anti-VEGF therapy

Serhiienko A, Pekaryk O, Dziuba N
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Meeting Abstract (19amd43)

Response of secondary choroidal neovascularization in chronic central serous chorioretinopathy to an extended upload of anti-VEGF agents

Schworm B, Siedlecki J, Hagenau F, Kortüm K, Luft N, Priglinger S
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Meeting Abstract (19amd44)

Glycan analyses of rd1 mouse retinal proteins (a model of retinitis pigmentosa) indicates a need for therapy to hyper-glycosylate mutated synaptic proteins and to improve outcome of current gene therapies

Ahuja S
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Meeting Abstract (19amd45)

Towards experimental stem cell-based therapy for Age-related Macular Degeneration – Transplantation of patient derived-tissues in the rat subretinal space

Koster C, Barone F, Maminishkis A, Jae Song M, Quinn R, Lewallen C, van Meurs JC, Verbraak FD, Smit TH, ten Brink JB, ten Asbroek ALMA, Boon CJ, Bharti K, Bergen AA
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