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7th International Symposium on AMD: Age-related Macular Degeneration – Understanding Pathogenetic Mechanisms of Disease

20.09. - 21.09.2019, Baden-Baden

Neurobiology of the outer retina II

Meeting Abstract (19amd25)

Is Lipofuscin a relevant factor in the pathogenesis of AMD?

Sparrow J
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Meeting Abstract (19amd26)

Cellular and subcellular changes in the RPE: from normal aging to early signs of AMD

Ach T, Bermond K, Gambril JA, Wobbe C, Berlin A, Heintzmann R, Sloan KR, Curcio CA
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Meeting Abstract (19amd27)

A bioenergetic crisis in the RPE drives AMD pathology

Ferrington DA
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Meeting Abstract (19amd28)

Novel porcine organ culture model for AMD research

Wagner N, Joachim SC, Gammel M, Greulich A, Reinehr S, Hurst J, Dick HB, Schnichels S
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Meeting Abstract (19amd29)

Understanding disease mechanisms in AMD: from serum biomarkers to an organ-on-a-chip model for AMD

den Hollander A
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Meeting Abstract (19amd30)

Restoration of high-sensitivity and adapting vision with a cone opsin

Flannery JG, Berry MH, Holt A, Salari A, Veit J, Visel M, Levitz J, Aghi K, Gaub B, Sivyer B, Isacoff E
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Meeting Abstract (19amd31)

Using human-induced pluripotent stem cells for modelling the blood-retinal-barrier on-a-chip

Gagliardi G, Feitosa-Afonsso DM, Arik YB, Heesterbeek TJ, Hoyng CB, van der Meer AD, den Hollander AI
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