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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Thoraxchirurgie (DGT)

ISSN 1862-4006

GMS Thoracic Surgical Science Volume 3

Case Report

Cavernous sinus syndrome caused by a metastasis of a thymic carcinoid tumor

Onen A, Sanli A, Karapolat S, Hayretdag A, Acikel U
GMS Thorac Surg Sci 2006; 3:Doc05 (20061206)
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Bronchioloalveoläres Karzinom (BAC): Ergebnisse der operativen Behandlung bei 34 Patienten

Sklenar S, Horn S, Stein M, Gnauk HG, Wagner RH
GMS Thorac Surg Sci 2006; 3:Doc04 (20061206)
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Research Article

Carcinoid lung tumors: long-term results from 111 resections

Kyriss T, Maier S, Veit S, Fritz P, Toomes H, Friedel G
GMS Thorac Surg Sci 2006; 3:Doc03 (20060904)
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Case Report

Benign mesenchymoma of the mediastinum

Melton JTK, Weeden DF
GMS Thorac Surg Sci 2006; 3:Doc02 (20060830)
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Case Report

Lymphomas presenting as chest wall tumors

Witte B, Hürtgen M
GMS Thorac Surg Sci 2006; 3:Doc01 (20060214)
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