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GMS German Medical Science — an Interdisciplinary Journal Volume 14

Research Article Gastroenterology

TST36 stapling for rectocele and hemorrhoidal prolapse – early results of the prospective German multicenter study

Petersen S, Sterzing D, Ommer A, Mladenov A, Nakic Z, Pakravan F, Wolff K, Lorenz EP, Prosst RL, Sailer M, Scherer R
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc14 (20161219)
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Research Article Family Medicine

Quality of care in patients with atrial fibrillation in primary care: a cross-sectional study comparing clinical and claims data

Preuss R, Chenot JF, Angelow A
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc13 (20161123)
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Research Article Neurology

Refractory myasthenia gravis – clinical profile, comorbidities and response to rituximab

Sudulagunta SR, Sepehrar M, Sodalagunta MB, Settikere Nataraju A, Bangalore Raja SK, Sathyanarayana D, Gummadi S, Burra HK
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc12 (20161013)
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Case Report Oncology

Solitary Langerhans cell histiocytosis of the hard palate: a diagnostic pitfall

Varsha D, Kaur M, Chaudhary N, Siraj F
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc11 (20160919)
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Case Report Emergency Medicine

The sword of Damocles for the splenectomised: death by OPSI

Blumentrath CG, Ewald N, Petridou J, Werner U, Hogan B
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc10 (20160829)
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Research Article Medical Informatics

Evidence mapping for decision making: feasibility versus accuracy – when to abandon high sensitivity in electronic searches

Buchberger B, Krabbe L, Lux B, Mattivi JT
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc09 (20160719)
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Review Article Surgery

Heat for wounds – water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) for wound healing – a review

Hoffmann G, Hartel M, Mercer JB
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc08 (20160629)
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Research Article Otorhinolaryngology

Sellar reconstruction without intrasellar packing after endoscopic surgery of pituitary macroadenomas is better than its reputation

Ismail M, Fares AA, Abdelhak B, D’Haens J, Michel O
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc07 (20160623)
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Research Article Gynecology

Impact of caesarean section on mode of delivery, pregnancy-induced and pregnancy-associated disorders, and complications in the subsequent pregnancy in Germany

Jacob L, Taskan S, Macharey G, Sechet I, Ziller V, Kostev K
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc06 (20160614)
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Research Article Ophthalmology

Switching to instant black coffee modulates sodium selenite-induced cataract in rats

El Okda EA, Mohamed MM, Shaheed EB, Abdel-Moemin AR
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc05 (20160425)
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Research Article Oncology

Effect of chaetocin on renal cell carcinoma cells and cytokine-induced killer cells

Rombo R, Weiher H, Schmidt-Wolf IG
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc04 (20160418)
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Research Article Epidemiology

Prevalence of chronic diseases among older patients in German general practices

Jacob L, Breuer J, Kostev K
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc03 (20160303)
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Research Article Psychiatry

Gender-based differences in the antidepressant treatment of patients with depression in German psychiatric practices

Jacob L, Kostev K
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc02 (20160215)
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Research Article Urology

Recurrent urinary tract infections and complications after symptomatic versus antibiotic treatment: follow-up of a randomised controlled trial

Bleidorn J, Hummers-Pradier E, Schmiemann G, Wiese B, Gágyor I
GMS Ger Med Sci 2016; 14:Doc01 (20160210)
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