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GMS German Medical Science — an Interdisciplinary Journal Volume 1

Research Article

Long-term results after 110 tracheal resections

Friedel G, Kyriss T, Leitenberger A, Toomes H
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc10 (20031218)
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Research Article

Economic evaluation of newborn hearing screening

Hessel F, Grill E, Schnell-Inderst P, Siebert U, Kunze S, Nickisch A, von Vo▀ H, Wasem J
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc09 (20031215)
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Research Article

PMMA vertebroplasty in patients with malignant vertebral destruction of the thoracic and lumbar spine

Winking M, Stahl JP, Oertel M, Schnettler R, B÷ker DK
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc08 (20031120)
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Research Article

Antiviral combination therapy with interferon/peginterferon plus ribavirin for patients with chronic hepatitis C in Germany

Siebert U, Sroczynski G, German Hepatitis C Model (GEHMO) Group, HTA Expert Panel on Hepatitis C
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc07 (20031103)
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Research Article

Prediction of treatment outcome in a clinical sample of problem drinkers

Demmel R, Beck B, Lammers A
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc06 (20031015)
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Research Article

Disc height and anteroposterior translation in fused and adjacent segments after lumbar spine fusion

Pfeiffer M, Haas O, Huber-Stentrup M, Georg C, Frobin W
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc05 (20030904)
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Short Report

Effects of weight-reduction on obesity-associated diseases

Liebermeister H
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc04 (20030701)
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Case Report

High-dose chemotherapy with autologous peripheral blood stem cell support for recurrent primary AFP-producing intracranial germinoma

Ziske C, Mezger J, JimÚnez C, Kleinschmidt R, Pels H, Schlegel U, Schmidt-Wolf IGH
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc03 (20030701)
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Review Article

Onychodystrophy and its management

Oppel T, Korting HC
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc02 (20030701)
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Why gms?

Reinauer H
German Medical Science 2003; 1:Doc01 (20030701)
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