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17. Jahreskongress für Klinische Pharmakologie

Verbund Klinische Pharmakologie in Deutschland

01. - 02. Oktober 2015, Köln


Invited Lecture (15vklipha01)

Novel polypharmacological approaches for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome

Müller TD
Invited Lecture (15vklipha02)

Drug-Drug-Interactions with new HCV-DAAs

Klinker H
Invited Lecture (15vklipha03)

HCV Infektion – Gesundheitsökonomische Aspekte als Teil der Behandlungsindikation

Rossol S
Invited Lecture (15vklipha04)

Klinische Prüfung – praktische Aspekte bei der Umsetzung der EU Regulation 536/2014 aus Sicht der pharmazeutischen Industrie

Ruppert T
Poster Abstract (15vklipha05)

Cellular uptake of sorafenib is independent of major human organic cation and organic anion uptake transporters of the hepatocyte

Neul C, Schaeffeler E, Laufer S, Schwab M, Nies A
Poster Abstract (15vklipha06)

Pharmacological data on Valerian, Melissa and Passion flower extracts and their combination point to a synergistic effect

Okpanyi SN, Abdel-Aziz H, Kelber O
Poster Abstract (15vklipha07)

The 50-50-50 Rule for Dosing of Psychoactive Drugs in the Elderly

Keller F
Poster Abstract (15vklipha08)

Assessment of Inhibitory Effects on Major Human Cytochrome P450 Enzymes by Spasmolytics Using a Seven-in-One In Vitro Assay

Dahlinger D, Frechen S, Aslan S, Fuhr U
Poster Abstract (15vklipha09)

Monitoring of azathioprine metabolite concentrations in autoimmune hepatitis

Züst A, Jetter A
Poster Abstract (15vklipha10)

Microdialysis as a promising new method to assess the ocular pharmacokinetics of topical eye drops in a rabbit animal model

Garhöfer G, Klaus R, Jäger W, Zeitlinger M, Schmetterer L
Poster Abstract (15vklipha11)

A twin study using unlabelled 12C and labeled 13C caffeine orally revealing common environmental effects on CYP1A2 activity but almost no heritability of CYP1A2 activity

Matthaei J, Schwab M, Kerb R, Hofmann U, Sehrt D, Sachse-Seeboth C, Strube J, Brockmöller J
Poster Abstract (15vklipha12)

Adenosine receptors in inflammation on rat colon preparations. Are they involved in the anti-inflammatory action of STW 5?

Nieber K, Voß U, Müller C, Abdel-Aziz H, Kelber O
Poster Abstract (15vklipha13)

Azathioprine-induced pancreatitis in myasthenia gravis with certain causality: case report

Grabowski K, Douros A, Bronder E, Klimpel A, Garbe E, Kreutz R
Poster Abstract (15vklipha14)

Comprehensive Metabolomic and Lipidomic Profiling of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma and Therapeutic Consequences

Leuthold P, Schaeffeler E, Hofmann U, Mürdter T, Rausch S, Bedke J, Schwab M, Haag M
Poster Abstract (15vklipha15)

Co-prescription of QT-interval prolonging drugs: an analysis in a large cohort of geriatric patients

Schächtele S, Tümena T, Gaßmann KG, Fromm MF, Maas R
Poster Abstract (15vklipha16)

Effects of STW 5, STW 5-II and STW 6 on rat ileal and colonic preparations: Region specific effects

Nieber K, Voß U, Abdel-Aziz H, Okpanyi S, Kelber O
Poster Abstract (15vklipha17)

Pharmacokinetics of ketamine prolonged release tablets in healthy subjects

Roustom T, Modess C, Mahmoud H, Oswald S, Burger N, Siegmund W
Poster Abstract (15vklipha18)

Population pharmacokinetics of iohexol in elderly people

Taubert M, Schäffner E, Ebert N, van der Giet M, Martus P, Jakob O, Fuhr U
Poster Abstract (15vklipha19)

Protein abundance of clinically relevant metabolizing enzymes along the human intestine

Busch D, Gröer C, Busemann A, Partecke LI, Heidecke CD, Siegmund W, Oswald S
Poster Abstract (15vklipha20)

Quantitative chiral and achiral determination of ketamine and its metabolite in human serum, urine and feces

Hasan M, Siegmund W, Oswald S
Poster Abstract (15vklipha21)

Uptake of MPP+, metformin and several other drugs by MATE1, MATE2K

Hong H, Fuhr U, Gründemann D
Invited Lecture (15vklipha22)

Bewertung neuer Antikoagulantien unter Berücksichtigung von Biomonitoring und Antidots

Greinacher A
Invited Lecture (15vklipha23)

Molecular and cellular function of the proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9)

Schulz R, Schlüter KD
Invited Lecture (15vklipha24)

Scientific Advice in Europe provided by EMA and National Agencies

Laslop A
Invited Lecture (15vklipha25)

Teaming up for value? Erste Erfahrungen aus dem "Early Dialogue“ zwischen Herstellern und Zahlern.

Zebedin-Brandl E, Warmuth M, Sauermann R
Invited Lecture (15vklipha26)

Therapie-Adhärenz – mehr als nur ein Schlagwort?

Matthes J
Invited Lecture (15vklipha27)

Therapieadhärenz – Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten auf der Wirkstoffseite (PK/PD)

Wehling M
Invited Lecture (15vklipha28)

Physician-patient communication and drug therapy safety – the importance of comprehensible product information

Stetter E
Invited Lecture (15vklipha29)

Fifteen years of drug development for patients with Multiple Sclerosis – adherence and compliance, what has been achieved?

Jahn S, Hamburg H, Pring-Åkerblom P
Invited Lecture (15vklipha30)

Translational Strategies and Data Packages for Early Clinical Trials

Zuehlsdorf M
Invited Lecture (15vklipha31)

(R)evolution of early phase clinical trials in oncology

Mikus G
Invited Lecture (15vklipha32)

Der Medikationsplan in der Modellregion Erfurt

Thürmann P, Brell D, Fenske D
Invited Lecture (15vklipha33)

MetropolMediplan 2016 – MMP16 Evaluation of the acceptance and practicability of the German federal medication list in the metropolitan region Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen

Maas R, Friedland K, Bangemann M, Jobst F, Prokosch HU, Zerth J, Hellmann G, Dörje F, Schlenk M, Röck C, Steidl R, Fromm M, Dormann H
Invited Lecture (15vklipha34)

The project PRIMA – Primärsystem-Integration des Medikationsplans mit Akzeptanzuntersuchung

Strunz AK, Eickhoff C, Botermann L, Felberg M, Müller U, Schulz M
Invited Lecture (15vklipha35)

Pathophysiology and current therapy of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Kunert KS
Invited Lecture (15vklipha36)

Pathophysiology and current medical therapy of open angle glaucoma

Kunert KS
Invited Lecture (15vklipha37)

New galenical approaches to reach the anterior segment of the eye: oily emulsions, implants etc.

Schug B
Invited Lecture (15vklipha38)

Die Sicht der Ethikkommission mit Schwerpunkt Medikamente

Brunner M
Invited Lecture (15vklipha39)

Medizinprodukte – Definitionen, Klinische Prüfung

Seiter S
Invited Lecture (15vklipha40)

Food supplements classification – clinical trial of products – efficacy – advertising

Breitweg-Lehmann E
Invited Lecture (15vklipha41)

Pharmacogenomics and individualized therapy – the regulator's science

Stingl J
Invited Lecture (15vklipha42)

PET-optimized pharmacotherapy of central nervous system disorders

Bauer M
Invited Lecture (15vklipha43)

Gadoxetate, a MRI-contrast agent to measure individual functions of hepatic drug transporters?

Siegmund W
Invited Lecture (15vklipha44)

Endometriosis – Challenges in Pharmacotherapy of a little-noticed disease

Rhode B
Oral Abstract (15vklipha45)

Multi-step evaluation of data on the multi-target effect of STW 5

Lorkowski G, Kelber O, Abdel-Aziz H, Okpanyi SN, Storr M, Nieber K
Oral Abstract (15vklipha46)

Readability of informed-consent forms in UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Lagler FB, Weineck SB, Schwab M
Invited Lecture (15vklipha47)

Pharmakologische Behandlung der Altersdepression

Holthoff-Detto V