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International Conference on SARS - one year after the (first) outbreak

08. - 11.05.2004, Lübeck

Oral Presentations
Session IX: Drug Discovery

Talk (04sars9.01)

Search for SARS therapy

Cinatl jr. J, Michaelis M, Doerr HW
Talk (04sars9.02)

SARS-CoV infection inhibition using spike protein heptad repeat-derived peptides

Bosch BJ, Martina B, van der Zee Ruurd, Haijema BJ, de Groot R, Osterhaus A, Rottier P
Talk (04sars9.03)

In-vitro activity of S-nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine, a nitric oxide donor compound against SARS coronavirus replication

Keyaerts E, Vijgen L, Maes P, Chen L, Hedenstierna G, van Ranst M
Talk (04sars9.04)

Inhibition of SARS coronavirus infection in vitro with clinically approved antiviral drugs

Tan ELC, Ooi EE, Lin CY, Tan HC, Ling AE, Lim B, Stanton LW