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International Conference on SARS - one year after the (first) outbreak

08. - 11.05.2004, Lübeck

Oral Presentations
Session IV: Genomics and Bioinformatics

Talk (04sars4.01)

Genomic features and diagnosis of SARS-associated coronavirus

Wang J, Yang L
Talk (04sars4.02)

Mutational dynamics of the SARS coronavirus in cell culture and human populations

Vega VB, Ruan Y, Liu J, Lee WH, Wei CL, Thoe SYS, Tang KF, Zhang T, Kolatkar PR, Ooi EE, Ling AE, Stanton LW, Long PM, Liu ET
Talk (04sars4.03)

Tracking the genetic diversity of the SARS coronavirus using high-throughput full-genome re-sequencing arrays

Wong CW, Albert TJ, Riederer MA, Kun Y, Norton JE, Cutler DJ, Liu ET, Miller LD