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International Conference on SARS - one year after the (first) outbreak

08. - 11.05.2004, Lübeck

Oral Presentations
Session XI: Structural Biology

Talk (04sars11.01)

Progress in the structural and functional characterization of the coronavirus replicase complex: Crystal structure of the SARS-CoV Nsp9

Egloff MP, Ferron F, Campanacci V, Longhi S, Rancurel C, Dutartre H, Snijder EJ, Gorbalenya AE, Cambillau C, Canard B
Talk (04sars11.02)

Structural genomics study of the SARS coronavirus - the crystal structures of SARS virus main protease (Mpro) and its complex with an inhibitor

Rao Z
Talk (04sars11.03)

3D-Jury: a simple protein structure Meta-Predictor and its application for structural annotations of the SARS proteins

von Grotthuss M, Wyrwicz L, Ginalski K, Rychlewski L