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Research in Medical Education – Chances and Challenges International Conference

20.05. - 22.05.2009, Heidelberg

Friday: Short Communications
Session J: Communication/practical skills (Chairmen: Ochsendorf & Tekian)

Meeting Abstract (09rmeJ1)

Effects of Peyton-4-Step-Approach vs. Standard Instruction in Technical Skills-Lab-Training: Effects on Objective Performance Measures

Nikendei C, Kruppa E, Krautter M, Weyrich P, Buss S, Schultz JH, Jünger J
Meeting Abstract (09rmeJ2)

Parent-physician communication training in paediatrics using peer role-play and standardised patients in undergraduate medical education: a randomised controlled trial

Nickel M, Bosse HM, Huwendiek S, Jünger J, Schultz JH, Nikendei C
Meeting Abstract (09rmeJ3)

Validation of the “Quality of SP Feedback Instrument” – a Generalizability Study

Schlegel C
Meeting Abstract (09rmeJ4)

Study design and first results of a randomized control trial to enhance the physician-patient relationship in inpatient care by communication training and supervision

Ringel N, Buermann B, Möltner A, Riemann U, Schillinger G, Nikendei C, Langewitz W, Schultz JH, Jünger J
Meeting Abstract (09rmeJ5)

Communications Training in Continuing Medical Education - A Current Analysis of Supply and Demand in the Area Served by the North Rhine Medical Society in Germany

Rotthoff T, Baehring T, David DM, Bartnick C, Linde F, Schäfer RD, Scherbaum WA