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Research in Medical Education – Chances and Challenges International Conference

20.05. - 22.05.2009, Heidelberg

Thursday: Posters
Session G: Quality Management (Chairmen: Siebeck & Nikendei)

Meeting Abstract (09rmeG1)

Fit for Europe. Quality assurance of education profiles in international context

Öchsner W, Rau T, Thumser-Dauth K
Meeting Abstract (09rmeG2)

SeMeK - The measure of medical competencies

Thumser-Dauth K, Öchsner W, Rau T
Meeting Abstract (09rmeG3)

Quality assurance in postgraduate education – development and evaluation of a guideline for instructors

Mahler C, Eicher C, Ledig T, Roos M, Szecsenyi J
Meeting Abstract (09rmeG4)

Personality and professionalism: Longitudinal study of emotional perception, self-assessment of clinical competence and professional identity of medical students during the training of breaking bad news in the psychosomatic course

Kuhnert A, Pfeifer R, Schneid E, Hartmann A, Fritzsche K, Wirsching M
Meeting Abstract (09rmeG5)

Student selection: Identifying a good doctor. First experiences at Hannover Medical School (MHH)

Dudzinska A, Fischer V, Paulmann V, Haller H
Meeting Abstract (09rmeG6)

Core Research Competencies for Scholars and Researchers in Medical Education: An MSc and PhD Program

Violato C, Cawthorpe D