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Research in Medical Education – Chances and Challenges International Conference

20.05. - 22.05.2009, Heidelberg

Thursday: Posters
Session E: Assessment/Simulation (Chairmen: Sommerfeld & Weyrich)

Meeting Abstract (09rmeE1)

The social side of simulation in medicine: Creating, recognizing and using learning opportunities

Dieckmann P, Molin Friis S, Rall M, Oestergaard D
Meeting Abstract (09rmeE2)

Concept of a Longitudinal Skills Lab Curriculum

Kruppa E, Jünger J, Nikendei C
Meeting Abstract (09rmeE3)

Doc-Lab Tübingen – a longitudinal skills lab curriculum

Werner A, Schädle B, Bongers M, Schäfer R, Zipfel S, Schauf B, Weyrich P
Meeting Abstract (09rmeE4)

The role of exams in the new Model Curriculum in Human Medicine at Hannover Medical School (MHH) - Assessing quality and the quality of assessment

Paulmann V, Seibicke N, Fischer V
Meeting Abstract (09rmeE5)

Development and validation of a checklist for assessing medical communication skills: "Frankfurter Observer Checklist Communication" (FrOCK)

Sennekamp M, Gilbert K, Guethlin C, Schaefer HM, Gerlach FM
Meeting Abstract (09rmeE6)

Development of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination for Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology: assessing physician-patient communication

Fischbeck S, Mauch M, Laubach W
Meeting Abstract (09rmeE7)

Pilot implementation of workplace based assessment in Switzerland: First results and challenges in postgraduate training

Rogausch A, Berendonk C, Giger M, Jucker-Kupper P, Montagne S, Pfister CA, Westkämper R, Beyeler C
Meeting Abstract (09rmeE8)

First experiences with an OSPE in dental education

Jakob FM, Brüshaver K, Ern C, Malyk Y, Hickel R, Huth KC
Meeting Abstract (09rmeE9)

New methods in assessing clinical reasoning: the script concordance test

Hoeffe J, Sostmann K, Guthmann F, Knigge M, Gaedicke G