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Research in Medical Education – Chances and Challenges International Conference

20.05. - 22.05.2009, Heidelberg

Thursday: Short Communications
Session D: Mentoring (Chairmen: Schultz & Tekian)

Meeting Abstract (09rmeD1)

Mentoring relationships: An innovative approach to finding the perfect match

Störmann S, von der Borch P, Dimitriadis K, Meinel F, Reincke M, Fischer MR
Meeting Abstract (09rmeD2)

Study orchestrations in novice medical students

Fabry G, Giesler M
Meeting Abstract (09rmeD3)

Mentoring medical students: A novel student-centered program yields promising evaluation results

Dimitriadis K, von der Borch P, Störmann S, Meinel F, Reincke M, Fischer MR
Meeting Abstract (09rmeD4)

Student and teacher perceptions of an undergraduate voluntary pediatric private-praxis-prevention project (PePP) at Heidelberg University

Fehr F, Bosse HM, Huwendiek S
Meeting Abstract (09rmeD5)

Data collection and evaluation: does the instrument bias students' ratings of teaching quality? Some comparisons of various settings

Fischer V, Seibicke N, Paulmann V