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Research in Medical Education – Chances and Challenges International Conference

20.05. - 22.05.2009, Heidelberg

Thursday: Short Communications
Session B: Peer Assisted Learning (Chairmen: Gawad & Schirlo)

Meeting Abstract (09rmeB1)

Teaching topographical anatomy using diagnostic sonography: Positive evaluation data for a new curriculum

Nawrotzki R, Kirsch J
Meeting Abstract (09rmeB2)

Cross-year on ward peer tutoring program: Benefits for the students on ward and for the tutors when starting their job as physician 1½ years after

Köhl-Hackert N, Andreesen S, Hoffmann K, Jünger J, Nikendei C
Meeting Abstract (09rmeB3)

Breaking new ground in teaching medical students emergency medicine- Evaluation of a multi-centre, peer-guided teaching concept

Iblher P, Iblher H, Wolff RF, Harbs H, Hüppe M, Eichler W
Meeting Abstract (09rmeB4)

Efficacy of a peer-assisted skills training for students in obstetrics and gynecology

Frobenius W, Jünger J, Beckmann MW, Cupisti S
Meeting Abstract (09rmeB5)

Find the right language – using standardized students

Eicher C, Roos M, Szecsenyi J, Engeser P