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4th Research in Medical Education (RIME) Symposium 2015

19.03-21.03.2015, München

Poster Presentations
Assessment & Feedback

Meeting Abstract (P41)

Reliability and predictive validity of an OSPE in operative dentistry

Gerhardt-Szep S, Petkov P, Knuth-Herzig K, Höfer S, Stehle S, Scherer S, Steffen B, Scherzer S, Ochsendorf F, Horz H, Sader R
Meeting Abstract (P42)

Under which circumstances is workplace-based assessment effective? Development of a model using a mixed method approach

Lörwald AC, Nouns ZM, Berendonk C, Huwendiek S
Meeting Abstract (P43)

Impact of structured, written peer feedback on content, structure and quality of lectures in surgery

Sterz J, Höfer S, Britz V, Kalozoumi-Paizi F, Marzi I, Ruesseler M